Facial Oils and Serums ~Why you need them!

With the lack of humidity in winter or drier climates or maybe you just see a change in your skin as you age and want to switch up your skincare routine, you will definitely want to add oils and serums to your routine!

How do you know if you need to add an oil or a serum? What exactly do they do anyway? Here’s a brief and simple explanation of each but remember that, like cold weather clothing, skin care often works best in layers.


As we age, skin loses some of the natural oils it used to produce in abundance. Adding an oil before moisturizing not only helps replenish that oil, it can add some of the “glow” back to your skin. Facial oils are perfect choices!

People used to fear adding an oil to their skin, thinking it would clog pores. That’s far from the truth. Pure oils, without synthetic chemicals, have many skin rejuvenating properties. Oils can also help moisturizers absorb into your skin better. The fatty acids in oils will help skin feel soft, supple and look luminous. Some oils have essential oils in them, like neroli or rose, and offer aromatherapy benefits as well.

Dry aging skin? Try Frankincense oil with omega rich oils

Normal skin but want a little more moisture and radiance?  Rose Oil is your answer and it’s a great ” starter oil” if you’ve never used one.  A little goes a long way on all oils.

Very dry skin or winter dry and dull? Orange flower oil is amazing! Many women find this one just what they need in the deep winter months or after menopause if they have much drier dehydrated skin.

Any skin type that wants replenishing  can go with argan oil, ( it’s nickname “liquid gold”) which has high levels of antioxidant E.  I love this one and use it year round, not daily but a few days a week. It’s also excellent on nails and dry ankle patches.


Lightweight and concentrated, serums can add a powerful punch to skin care routines. Serums help to firm skin, increase moisture levels and make skin smoother. Serums can penetrate deeper than regular moisturizers but they work best in conjunction with moisturizers. Some women layer a serum, followed by an oil. Add a deep moisturizer over the serum and oil, especially at night.  

Oil Free Hydrating Serum is wonderful for all skins especially those prone to oil. It adds matifying hydration and is fantastic under make up. Great as a makeup primer or for summer thirsty skin- you know that feeling after too many days at the beach?

Frankincense Lift Serum is a high performing serum that lifts, recontours, targets lines and helps with firmness. This one is excellent for over 40 skin and absolutely needed for anyone over 50 looking to get glow and all the benefits of protecting collagen and addressing the signs of aging.

Frankincense Age-Defying serum– a cult classic over here from NYR, this one tops the list for all ages, most skin types love it and it smooths and plumps so well! You get that dewey look from serums like these and they offer long term protection and anti oxidants benefit as well. This is one that I use very often, alternating with the Lift serum.

Find all my favorite facial serums and oils here, from Neal’s Yard Remedies.  If you’re someone who never used one, I highly recommend getting 1 bottle to try. After a few weeks I’m sure you will notice the difference they make and be hooked on the benefits!  Be sure to apply them under your moisturizer and use them day and night or just at night if that’s your preference. 


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