Dream Job/Organic Journey


I thought this was a great first post on my blog. This simple graphic sums up what I do and how I feel about a dream job.

Is it fun and flexible? Yes.

Do I absolutely love it? Yes.

And does it earn me money, helping my family? Yes!

Plus helping others-Moms like you- to try some amazing, safe and effective products you can feel great about.

Or maybe to start your own organic journey by partnering with us?


Having said that WELCOME to my  blog!

I’m passionate about going greener and looking as beautiful as I can….naturally.

What I am not, is a “crunchy-grow your own everything-goats and chickens in the yard type mom”. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! It’s actually very cool if you ask me. But as a long island girl living on shy 1/4 acre property, we’re just not conducive to that lifestyle. Plus I firmly believe all shades of green/holistic/crunchy are good!

What I am is a mom who strives to live more chemical free, to use safer products, to ditch the chemical exposure, to buy more organic foods, to work on my attitude of being more positive and grateful . To know that self care is not indulging, it’s a must. To know that moderation is OK and living in fear is not.


I invite you into my world.

Come read, come learn and don’t feel overwhelmed about natural living. Take small steps each day, week, month…to choose healthier products.

My NYR organization has hundreds and hundreds of women-from stay at home moms to estheticians, chiropractors and holistic health coaches, to full time working moms. What we have in common is a love for organic beauty and living a more green lifestyle- ANY SHADE OF GREEN, any level of holistic-ness is OK around here!

And sometimes, for some moms, like me…the choice to use safer beauty products goes hand in hand with becoming a new you.

Morphing and evolving into a better person.

Learning and growing.

Loving yourself better than you ever did before.

And embracing a new lifestyle of wellness and self care.

That lifestyle not only helps you, it helps your family. and it can help your finances should you choose to partner with an organic beauty company like mine.


Want to learn more about what I do?  Go here and read about our campaigns and products.

Will you connect on my Facebook group too? I share many articles and exclusive Neal’s Yard Remedies specials. Right here 

Want to learn more about partnering with me and creating your own organic journey? You can poke around my site , see what we do and how it can be a part of your lifestyle too!

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