Organic Skin Care- Avoid the nasties!

Buying skincare and makeup is confusing enough isn’t it? There are hundreds of brands and some have amazing packaging (but can be filled with basically crap)

Labels tend to make it even more confusing and overwhelming when we aren’t sure what we’re looking for. Sometimes we are tempted by the lure of labels reading “younger skin in 30 days” or “proven to work” and we want to grab that one and look 25 again. But dousing skin in chemicals may not be the safest choice. Know that there are safer choices out there and exercise your right to support the ethical, organic companies working to bring you back to basic safe skincare mixed with safe cutting edge ingredients and what I always say-no nasties.

Some skin “experts “say that if you are applying a product to less than 10% of your body, the systemic risks of chemical ingredients will be extremely low while others only recommend natural or organic skincare saying chemicals can make a difference in your health both now and in the future.

If you are on the path of a more natural, healthy way of living, then you probably already buy organic foods at least part of the time when you shop. You may have turned to green cleaners and eliminated using things like chemical weed killers. So it’s only natural to make sure that the lotions and makeup you put on your skin, and your children’s bodies, are safe.

There are some chemicals in current skincare products that are considered dangerous, and others that are listed as unsafe. Knowing what’s in your products and making informed decisions about what you purchase is your right. The first thing is to look for a shortlist of ingredients you can pronounce. Safe items include:

  • Essential oils
  • Plant derivatives
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Collagen
  • Aloe
  • Vitamin C
  • Co Enzyme Q
  • Glycerin
  • Tocopherol

Next you’ll look to make sure there are none of the ingredients you should avoid, like:

  • Parabens – linked to hormone imbalance and may disrupt the endocrine system. There are varying levels of controversy around these preservatives.
  • Synthetic fragrances – many of which contain chemicals harmful to health and certainly aren’t good for people with allergies.
  • Phthalates – reported to have toxic impact plus a growing number of studies are showing it to possibly be linked with male reproductive disorders.
  • Mineral oils – can block skin and strip natural oils
  • EDTA– which doesn’t readily biodegade
  • Propylene glycol, acrylates, and carbomer – derived from petroleum
  • DEA – associated with known carcinogens
  • BHA and BHT – linked to breathing and lung impairment
  • Animal testing – cruel and not necessary
  • Oxybenzone – a sunscreen linked to irritation, and allergies as well as possible hormone disruption.
  • Ceteareth – contains impurities linked to cancer
  • Nano particles – not enough is known about long-term effects and research is inconclusive if it’s absorbed into the body
  • GM (genetically modified) ingredients – not enough known about long-term implications

If you’re still not sure about reading the labels – you can start off by looking for skin care from a reputable company that clearly states the ingredients on their labels and has several ingredients listed that they do not use.  I absolutely recommend Neal’s Yard Remedies products. You just don’t find a more transparent company with 35 years of experience, many awards and known as a pioneer in the industry.   With more companies turning to natural and organic skin care options, we have more choices than ever, but beware copycat companies. They are everywhere. I like the tried and true and beautiful BLUE BOTTLES of NYR.   Not only do they have safe effective skincare for the whole family, they are U.K based and if you know about that, you’ll know the U.K bans hundreds and hundreds of ingredients that the U.S still uses. Don’t you find that interesting?

Shop skincare here

Skincare chart

Why NYR calls themselves organic 

Long list of awards for Neal’s Yard Remedies

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