5 Tips for Glowing Skin Year Round!

1. Start from the inside

Drink plenty of water. I know for some of us, the natural urge to drink is not the same when we are indoors in the winter as it is in the summer months. So filling a large water bottle and keeping it handy to sip frequently is a great reminder any time of the year, especially the cooler months.

Or consider herbal teas if you like warm drinks. Don’t forget that water occurs naturally in fruits so eating a diet rich in varied fruits keep adds water content to your diet too.

Another great way to add glow from the inside is to add good fats to your diet. Recently, omega 3 fatty acids have been said to help skin look healthier. If you are not a frequent fish eater (especially tuna and salmon), you can add walnuts, flax seeds, olive oil and avocado to your diet to get those good fats. And don’t forget to take a daily omega supplement, which is touted by many doctors including Dr.Nicholas Perricone, to help reduce the body’s production of inflammatory compounds and the way skin ages.

2. Don’t forget to exfoliate

In summer, I rarely need to do this but in the winter, wow, a good face and body scrub can make skin glow! Once a week, add a scrub to your cleansing routine to remove all those dead cells and reveal fresher looking skin. If you’re feeling DIY, make a scrub using sugar or brown sugar mixed with a little oil and a few drops essential oils like lavender or orange.  You can mix in a little honey for its moisturizing properties, too.

3. Moisturize

Working in the beauty business, every winter I hear complaints of dry skin and questions of “what moisturizer should I use?” There really is not one set answer since everyone has different skin and what works for some may not work for you. However, the older we get and the drier our skin gets, often calls for a heavier moisturizer in cream form layered with oils and serums. Oily skin has the benefit of natural moisturizers but can still benefit from lighter moisturizing lotions, not creams. Oils, balms and serums can be used on tough spots like elbows and knees. Try a decadent  body butter before bed and wake up to refreshed and soft skin.Don’t neglect your chest and hands as these areas are prone to sun damage, wrinkles and dryness.

4. Take cooler showers

This one hurts me to even type. But hot showers are known to rob skin of moisture while luke warm is best. Since I love my hot showers, I opt for shorter ones and a good all over body moisturizer afterwards.

5. Dry air leads to dry skin

Investing in a humidifier works great to add water to the air. Keep humidity levels in your home in the comfort zone by buying a small hydrometer to check levels. They are only a few dollars.

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