Bringing the Scents of the Garden in!

I’m telling you, there’s something about using skincare with natural flower scents and essential oils that is beyond good! It’s magic. Ok, not magic but it’s pretty damn therapeutic if you ask me. Take Garden Mint and Bergamot for example. I cannot use this lotion or wash or body butter without feeling like summer.  Even if my house is freezing and I’m in my Old Navy fleece, it brings a really happy peaceful summery feeling to me. Like I’m meandering barefoot in a wild garden, listening to the birds and watching the butterflies and….oops.. ok, back to reality. But wow, I do love that Garden Mint and Bergamot. A lot.

Citrus shower gel. When I use it, it’s just so uplifting that I think it’s an amazing scent for AM showers. Then again, if it makes you smile at night, why not then too? Citrus hand wash is my go-to hand wash also!

Essential oils. I sprinkle these babies everywhere. Kids fighting? There I am sprinkling “calming blend ” or lavender on a pillow. ( Yeah, I’m casual about where I sprinkle my oils- I have throw pillows, little stones, statues and various other places, plus I diffuse them too)

Feeling gloomy on a cloudy or rainy day inside? I’m all about orange or mandarin or optimism blend!

When I need to focus on my writing or just get a big boost of PERK ME UP!? PEPPERMINT to the rescue!

Stressed and can’t relax at night? Bring me my lavender or bergamot or ylang ylang or frankincense!

Speaking of Frankincense, it’s NYR’s best selling line not just because it’s amazing for skin, but I really think those olfactory benefits are sneaking in there too! Skincare that works on your emotions? I’ll take it! I need it!!





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