Easy Tips for Healthy Skin

We all want our skin to be clear with a youthful glow. As we age, we often find skin changes subtly so we have to take care of it a little differently. What can we do? Try these tips to keep your skin in the best shape it can be

Determine your skin type RIGHT NOW(not how it was last Fall or 5 years ago) and use the products made specifically for your skin the way it is now. Your skin may be dehydrated because it’s winter. Or tired looking , or stressed, or breaking out from hormones. In summer, you might need a lighter moisturizer, in winter you may need more oils and deep overnight moisturizers. At 55, you likely will need to address different issues than you did at 35. Pay attention to your current needs and choose products that will address your concerns.

Use your sunscreen but only mineral ones, no chemicals like oxybenzone! I’m all about being outside and getting fresh air and exercise but sunscreen and hats can prevent burning which is a big no-no for skin. One brand I recommend is Beauty by Earth. They make a fabulous, easy to rub in, reef friendly mineral sunscreen.

Start using serums or oils. I’ve written about them before and consider them a staple in my beauty routine. You can read more about them here   I highly recommend these serums and oils for most women over 30 and especially over 40/45 when skin loses elasticity and that youthful glow. It’ll help you get your glow back.

Clean makeup brushes regularly so they don’t harbor bacteria you put back onto your face. Every week be sure to give them a rinse with water and a gentle facial cleanser and let dry. Toss them when they look bad. Sponges should be cleaned and then replaced often. Whatever the season, here’s some tips to spring clean your cosmetic drawers.

Make beauty sleep a MUST. Hit the pillow early enough for at least 7 hours of restful sleep. Try mediation apps or just some quiet time before bed. More about sleep here

Exfoliate! I recommend it for all skin types. Using a gentle exfoliator made for face, once a week will slough off dry skin cells, help skin absorb creams better and just give you more of a fresh skin, glowing look! The same for your body especially in Spring and Summer when everyone sees our skin more. Use a body scrub once a week and pay attention to knees and elbows. Try some from Beauty by Earth or at Follain, where they carry many well known brands.

Think about what you eat. Healthy fats like olive oil and avocado are very good for skin.  Vitamin C is great for skin ( think broccoli and oranges!) Foods with lycopene like tomatoes and watermelon are also fantastic for skin.

Speaking of watermelon, we need enough water in our diets to keep skin plump and healthy looking. That water, besides drinking filtered water, can come from water-rich foods like fruit or from healthy organic teas too. Jade Bloom has loose teas here

Remember that skin has a cycle and you often have to use a new product 3 months to see the full results.  This is why you see the small print that usually say things like ” 85% of women saw less wrinkles- after 90 days” etc.

Go organic. This is a subject I LOVE to talk about. Why use chemicals when there are safer, effective choices on the market? One of my favorite lines NYR makes is the Frankincense and if you google Frankincense you can read dozens of skin enhancing, wrinkle fighting reasons to use it!

Never go to sleep with your makeup on! Use a gentle makeup remover, or micellar cleanser ( my favorite!) wash, tone and moisturize each night.  In a pinch, facial wipes can remove makeup.

Keep the things around you clean too. Wash your pillowcases weekly. Wipe down your phone with alcohol. Wash your hands often. Anytime you touch your face, you don’t want to be touching it with germs do you? Not me!

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