Simple Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Home

Reduce your toxin exposure by making some simple one by one changes each week! Make changes that can only benefit your family!

~ Use a water filter for your tap water. No need for bottled water.
~ Switch to laundry washer balls or a non scented, non-dyed detergent and throw out dryer sheets for once and for all. I got rid of them years ago. You can use dryer balls or nothing! Yes, nothing. I do that and rarely ever have static cling anymore.
~ Buy organic in-season fruits and veggies. Grow your own too!
~ Buy organic versions of cereals, mac and cheese, etc. Usually there are store brands same price or less than non organic big names
~ Switch to organic skincare, bath and body etc ( Neal’s Yard Remedies has you covered there!)
~Same for make up
~Choose mineral, non nano sunscreens with no chemicals like oxybenzone
~ Detox and glow by adding superfoods to your day.
~ Ditch any candles or air fresheners like plugins and use essential oils in a diffuser or NYR’s reed diffuser and candles. (Use caution around pets and babies*)
~Shop at your local farmer’s markets
~Use essential oil roll ons or make your own perfume rather than chemical based ones
~Throw out antibacterial whatevers! NYR makes a great hand spray, safe for the whole family. Stop drying out your hands with alcohol!
~ Put live plants in your house to detox the air.(sadly, my cats destroy mine so I can’t do it)
~Make your own cleaners. Use essential oils. Use vinegar and baking soda. Many options here!
~Get rid of teflon pans and use safer non stick kinds like staineless steel and cast iron.
~Switch deodorants( NYR has spray deodorants and roll ons) and never use antiperspirants which “clog” you up. We are supposed to sweat to remove toxins!

What other suggestions do you have?

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