Small Beauty Changes to Master!

Women sometimes fall into a beauty rut, unlike teenagers, who often change their looks year to year. Learning the art of switching things up and keeping on trend can not only make you look a little different each day, it can keep you looking younger too!

Master the Eyeliner

There’s nothing like perfectly symmetrical make up artist perfected eyes! But there may be nothing worse than jagged uneven smudged eyeliner that look like your preschooler put on your make up or you haven’t slept in 2 days.  If you like liquid eyeliner and need to master that art , there are literally hundred of tutorials online, do a search for a few and then practice ’til perfect.  Want to find a brand that will be just the right one for you? Take the free 3 minute beauty assessment here and Naked Poppy will curate a custom product list for you from over 500 luxe beauty products! 

Change Your Hairstyle
Being stuck in a rut or wearing an outdated hairstyle can adds years to your age.  Just taking a few inches  of dead ends off, adding a few soft layers around your face, or a side swept bang can modernize your hair and give you a youthful look.  Work with a stylist for the best options to suit your face. 

Learn the art of accessorizing
Take a flip through the newest fashion magazines and pick a few pieces to add to your wardrobe. Accessorizing a basic outfit with jewelry, scarves, and belts can really make your wardrobe seem not only expanded, but dressier and trendy. With so many of us in leggings or jeans everyday, accessorizing can finish the look beautifully!

The Secret to Glowing Skin
No matter how you apply make-up or style hair, glowing skin is the thing that makes us look youthful and dewy (think Jennifer Lopez). I highly recommend investing in some facial oils and elixirs. Oils give skin a nice glow and are used under  moisturizer. You can even use some on your cheeks under a powder blush for a creamier blush look or add a few drops OVER your make up (I have done this. It works!) to add sheen to your face. Not too shiny, but just enough to combat that winter dry look many women get this time of year, especially if you are over 40.

Pamper yourself weekly

You might not make it to a spa, but you can make a spa in your bathroom. Good self care can be pampering baths, facial masks and nourishing your skin with great products! Get rid of dry skin on elbows and knees and don’t forget hands!   Giving yourself time to pamper not only makes you look great, you feel relaxed, less stressed and calmer! Take the time for you and it will pay off.  Try drenching your skin in a dreamy body butter  before bed. 

We all fall into ruts so if we can take a step back and re-access our beauty routines, we might find adding some new changes in, or stopping some habits, will keep us fresh and looking our best.



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