Why Clean Beauty Matters


23244314_1665771853487136_4572663001871301299_n.jpgClean Beauty.  It’s all the buzz nowadays. It’s like we went too far and are now finally stepping back toward a good place- toward nature…back to what our great GREAT Grandmothers used, but mixed with modern day knowledge and science. Back to plant based, simple  products. Back to home remedies and moisturizers that work without the nasties in them.

What’s this trend toward clean beauty all about?

Have YOU switched to cleaner beauty products?

And what actually IS clean beauty?

Clean beauty (to me) is about many things:

~products made with safer, well chosen ingredients that are not known to be suspected carcinogens. 

~products mindfully and thoughtfully created 

~products that are eco friendly and ethically sourced

~pure products created without synthetic dyes, fragrances or chemicals

There is no standard or regulation of clean beauty. So just about any company can claim their products are green, healthy, clean,natural or whatnot. That’s crazy right? In the U.S there are thousands of ingredients used in products that are banned in the UK ! Hard to believe, I know….but true.

However you may want to dig a bit deeper than just reading a few words on a label.

Look at the company for transparency. Read their mission statement. Read where they get their ingredients. Read their “don’t” or “no” list and make sure it’s extensive, not just ” We don’t use parabens” or “No dyes”. Make sure the “big “no-no’s” are not in their products  namely parabens, phthalates, “parfum”( fragrance), dyes, ozybenzone.

Getting confused already?

Don’t be misled by greenwashing. Clean beauty is more than ingredients. It’s where and how they are sourced. It’s the ethics of the company. It’s how every single step of the way matters,- from not harming the earth-or animals in the process- to making a safe effective product that works.

Do your best to educate yourself by reading articles on trusted sites.

Look for a company that has won many awards in the industry. This right there tells a big story I think!

Which , of course, leads me to talk about Neal’s Yard Remedies briefly.

But rather than talk, let me let THEM paint the lovely (green and clean) picture for you!

Take a peek here

Products ( fair trade, fair wild, organic and never any animal testing)

Why NYR calls themselves organic 

Awards( over 50!)

People, planet and animals ( as in we love them all!)

When you start using clean beauty products, you will feel better. I’m telling you, throwing out that stuffed drawer of old cosmetics and jars of skincare and body sprays full of fragrances that make you cough or give you headaches, makes you not only feel empowered, you feel healthier. Healthier choices go a long way toward making you look and FEEL better about what you use -on your skin, in the shower, on your kids!

Here’s to a clean green routine that makes you glow with natural radiance and FEEL GREAT about what you use!





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