Weekly to-do List for Better Sleep!

It’s the number one complaint-fatigue. It can stem from everything from eating wrong, illness, stress, hormones and more. There are many things we can do NATURALLY to help us unwind, slow down and sleep better.   This way we can wake up looking beautiful and feeling refreshed.  
It starts with making some simple changes.
1- Make sure your bedroom is cool enough. No matter what the season, I read that 65 is a preferred temperature though personally, I know many women, including myself, who prefer cooler in the winter , more like 60-64. 
2- Keep some lavender essential oil and a few night time/relaxing blends on your night table along with a sachet to put drops on before bed, or put them on a small throw pillow near you (or use an oil diffuser). Essential oils have proven therapeutic effects for deep relaxation. 
3-Take a bath with products that are scented to help you relax like seaweed and arnica … amazing for weary muscles… or a safe foaming bath with an herbal infusion to help you relax and unwind.
Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 7.17.10 PM
4- Open the windows for 10 minutes before bed to air out stuffy rooms. I really like doing this , even in cool months. Nothing like fresh air!  
5- Do some deep breathing exercises to move that air in your lungs and relax your whole body. In for 6 seconds, hold for 3 , out for 6 or whichever counts feel right for you. 
6- If you like tea, get a night time or relaxing blend and sip while reading before bed. 
Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 7.18.14 PM
7- Turn all lights off, including chargers, alarm clocks, etc for a completely dark tranquil room. Some of us are sensitive to sleeping with lights, and you may not even realize it’s disturbing your sleep!
8- Move your bedtime up a little minutes earlier. You’ll thank yourself in the morning. Even 10-15 minutes a night extra can make a difference daily and over the course of a week, that’s a whole hour more. You have to try to find your sweet spot. Too much sleep is not good either. Many adults thrive best on 7-8 hours.
9-Calm by Wellness has a new CBD/CBN product just for sleep and it’s got over 300 positive reviews in a few short weeks! Get 20% off when you sign up on the site. The ingredients are gold! Learn more here  
10-Change your pillow cases! They collect dirt, left over make-up and sweat- not great for skin to rest on all night. Plus clean ones just feel better and I believe that mental sub conscious feeling you get when laying on a fresh pillow case sort of tells your brain to calm down and relax, who gets this? Kitsch has adorable ones that are satin, so not only do they feel fantastic, they prevent those morning pillow wrinkles and frizzy hair!    
You can also mist them with a relaxing pillow mist to help relax 

11-Magnesium  helps many people relax and sleep better.  Earthley makes a great lotion here. Or try Natural Vitality’s Calm ( a powder you mix in water ) or a supplement like Sleep support from MindBodyGreen. It’s made with magnesium, jujube and pharmaGABA to promote deep and restorative sleep. Now HOW GOOD does that phrase sound? “DEEP AND RESTORATIVE” It even feels good typing it.

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 7.19.57 PM
12-Add 10 minutes of light stretching/yoga before bed to relax your muscles and have some quiet mind time too. 
13- Try falling asleep listening to a meditation. Use an app like CALM or BREETHE. Personally this is a game changer for me to fall asleep with! Calm is my app of choice and they have sleep stories or sleep meditations.
14- Something some of you may not like, but quit all caffeine by noon. This might be the game changer you needed. Maybe your body is more sensitive to caffeine than you realize. 
15- Make your bedroom a cozy haven. Remove clutter, distractions and anything that doesn’t entirely please you.  This is a place that should be tranquil and have a mood and ambience
of restfulness. 
Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 7.21.32 PM
Last,  Earthley has a free e-book called The secret to a good nights sleep which goes over lifestyle changes, herbs, melatonin and more. Get yours here 
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