Grounded and beautiful-simple life swaps to feel better every day!

30051674_10216076821972846_1375485820498668809_o.jpgFeel like you’re in a rut? Getting bored with your daily routine? Feel like days pass by in a flash and nothing meaningful happened? Feel like you’re super busy and not grounded?  It can happen to all of us, especially when we are moms. The key is to try new things that add diversity, meaning, connection, and passion to your day.  Things that make you feel more energized, empowered, conscious, vibrant, and alive!  You can break out of the same old routine by replacing old habits with healthier ones. Want some ideas?

Walk barefoot outside. The simple grounding of feeling the earth, dirt or sand under your feet connects you with nature in a way we are just starting to realize. Be barefoot as much as possible.

Drink a protein shake or have fruit salad instead of a carb-heavy sugary breakfast.  You’ll have energy and feel lighter.

Swap 15 minutes on Facebook for 15 minutes in the yard unplugged each and every morning. There’s nothing like connecting with nature to ground yourself.

Exercise switch up: Kickbox or bike instead of the usual walk. Take up pilates or tai chi. Try something new. Not only can the same routine day after day be boring, but it doesn’t challenge new muscle groups so switch up the routines often.

Take some adaptogens on a regular basis like ASHWA by Goli or Master Tonic from Earthley. These help your body adapt to stress better and often , after a few weeks, you’ll notice a good change.

Go to bed without your cell phone, laptop or Kindle. What? yeah, I know, me too. But it’s said that unplugging for an hour or so before sleep helps your brain unwind and encourages a deeper rest.

Listen to an new style Pandora or Sirius radio station instead of Top 20 radio. There are so many music styles and indy artists that deserve listening to. You just might find a new favorite style or artist that rocks your world or makes you feel a connection in a whole new way.

Call a friend instead of texting her. In this day and age, texting is becoming the normal way to say “hi.” Be the one to break the silence and actually call to say hello. Or send a thoughtful and loving card to make someone’s day. You’ll be surprised at how good it makes YOU feel.

Take safe whole food supplements, not synthetics. Look into Earthly for herbal tinctures ( use my code “naturalbeautymama” on your first order to save. MindBodyGreen makes excellent supplements also (check out their magnesium blend called Sleep Support + for restful sleep)

Swap messiness for tidiness: Clean out a closet top to bottom. Why hang on to things you don’t need or use? Donate or toss. Then organize and see how good it feels to have a neat closet.

Read a new type of genre instead of the same old books. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and even learn something new. Ask your friends or librarian for recommendations – or check the bestseller lists. I’m all about self growth books- law of attraction. Anything educational too.

Swap a peck on the cheek for a deep soulful hug with a loved one. When kids come home from school, there’s nothing as welcoming as a loving hug.  And when you give, you also receive.

Start your own organic vegetable garden. Not only is gardening therapeutic(well I think so), it’s exercise and it’s an excellent way to get your own food right from the yard ( or patio or balcony) Get great high quality and affordable organic seeds here from Botanical Interests 

Share memories with your kids instead of just talking the daily stuff. Tell stories of what you remember when you were their age, or funny things your Grandparents did or said. It’s one of the best ways to truly connect and let kids learn more about you. It’s great dinner time conversation too.

Paint your office or kitchen a bright lively color. Color affects our mood so choose one that makes you feel great. I repainted my bedroom grey and added purple and turquoise and it feels so boho and wonderful to me!

Do 15 minutes of yoga. Every day.

Swap elevators for stairs for more exercise in the day. It’s an easy swap you can get used to and never go back to elevators. Become the walking queen of the office! It may even catch on.

Swap recipes with a friend or try a new cuisine once a week. Never had Indian food? Greek? Thai?   Give it a try-you just never know. Even if you had it a while back, your tastes change, so try it again.

Switch eating your lunch out to bringing a brown bag instead. You’ll save cash and calories too. Chop veggies ahead for a few days, grab an apple or banana, and make a sandwich or bring a yogurt.

Ditch soda and grab water and sparkling water only. It can take a while for your taste buds to get used to sparkling water but the cut in sugar (or artificial sweeteners) is a very healthy move to make and great example for your children. Making your own fruit water or just adding lemons to water is a healthy touch.

Swap time on the couch after dinner for family ball games. Get outside and play good old-fashioned games even if you can’t keep up with the kids. Make memories that will be remembered and cherished.

Walk on the beach instead of sitting. Don’t even bring a towel or chair. Don’t bring your phone. Just watch the water, breathe in the air and you’ll feel AMAZING later! Like a walking meditation.  Plus you never know what sea treasures you will find.

Change your self-criticism to self-love. Vow that just for today, you will not put yourself down . Then do it again tomorrow. Habits form when practiced daily.

Swap your skincare for natural organic skin creams made with essential oils. Not only will your skin GLOW, you get the therapeutic benefits of inhaling the oils.

BONUS: Appreciate what you have instead of wanting more. It’s known that the more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for. It’s human to want more but we have to remember to really SEE what we have and be thankful for it, from the heart. Take time to pray or keep a gratitude journal.

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