Why everyone is taking CBD!

screen shot 2019-01-18 at 9.22.07 amthis post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a small commission if you make a purchase.



If you’re like me, you try to use remedies and beauty products that are natural and/or organic. You probably take supplements, drink smoothies and eat moderately. Practice yoga and walk daily.

Yet for so many of us, inflammation, anxiety or pain is still common. I know it personally. and you probably do too. So I tried C B D. and it works!

I knew literally NOTHING about CBD except that ” it doesn’t get you high like pot” even though I was a bit scared to try it thinking I would feel odd or I would be, like, the ONE person who did get high. HAHA..  Yup, a real baby scaredy cat. 

Now I take it daily I’m pretty sure I won’t stop. There’s no high, just a nice calm for most people. Whatever your issue is, if you google “CBD for _____” you’ll likely find many results from independent sites, even doctors!

And while I am not a medical professional and not offering any advice to cure you, me or anyone, I will say  I am feeling some ( VERY GOOD) mild changes already …less reactivity aka A LOT less anxiety, better sleep, my BP is lower and I have a general feeling of more calmness. 🙂

I can’t say if my knee is better because that tends to only act up on my long walks through New York City ( 7+ mile days!)

I also know CBD helps things on the inside that we can’t actually measure or see, so that in itself is important to me.

As a blogger I am a bit prone to over-research. ( to say the least, it’s an obsessive disorder probably) So I took a full month or more to look into various CBD companies. I dug deep, spoke to the companies, read independent reviews, talked to users and tried products.


If you are interested in taking CBD and seeing what it can possibly do for you, here’s my top 2 choices. There are so many companies popping up, I know it’s hard to choose.  These are  3rd party tested and reputable. 



Love this company! A woman owned company out of Colorado, that even has a few stores.  They offer organically grown,3rd part tested, zero THC CBD oil ( ZERO)  in several flavors and strengths plus soft gels with melatonin, new gummies, salve, stick  and other products. Lots more info on the site and always free shipping!

This is 3rd party tested for purity, high absorption and  a 30 day money back guarantee on purchases.

Plus, for my readers, use my blogger affiliate code and take 15% off your order site wide plus free shipping

use “naturalbeautymama” at check out

*update: February 2020) this is the brand I am taking the most and really like




—->  Vitalibis– They have a patent-pending extraction process that produces a full spectrum oil with all the beneficial benefits of the plant.

They blend two premium industrial hemp strains organically grown in Colorado and it is all 3rd party tested for cannabinoids, heavy metals and microbial elements.

The CBD is premium full spectrum phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil that is safe and pure. It doesn’t even need flavorings to hide it’s taste.

With Vitalibis all orders over $50 ship FREE! They have a give $10, get $10 where you can share with your friends and you can both save on your next purchase!

*For my readers, I have a special code to save $10 off $50. Just use my affiliate code “debraf10” at checkout!


Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 10.48.21 AM


One other brand you might want to consider.

CBD Pure is another reputable brand to look into. Organic, 3rd party tested as well. Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 6.19.43 PM.png





This post contains affiliate links or links to my direct sales independent consultant site and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


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