Green and Clean in Twenty Nineteen!

2019. Already flying by!

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Is this YOUR year? I know we say that each year. But it’s true. As the year starts and we grow older (and wiser for sure) we want to make it the BEST EVER!

With so much focus nowadays on wellness, let’s make it OUR YEAR to go green and clean in as many ways as possible.

It’s really all about inner and outer beauty right? About nature, organic, pure and good. About self care using the finest real ingredients that connect us to earth and nature.

So I’ve complied a list of simple ways to get greener and cleaner in our lives. You can dive in all at once, take an idea once a week and start living it , choose 3-5 from the list to focus on or however is best for you!

Green your cleaners at home. No nasty chemicals anymore. Just ditch them. Choose cleaners from the natural section at the store and read labels.

Better yet, most things can be cleaned with a few simple ingredients you have in the house, starting with vinegar and baking soda. You can even make a vinegar, water and essential oil spray that will smell amazing, have no chemicals and help kill germs too! Lavender, lemongrass and orange are popular scents for this. Tea tree is great for disinfecting tubs and showers.

Clean out your cosmetic drawers and bags. Old make up? Toss it! Dirty drawers? Wipe them out! Get some pretty bags and restock your cosmetics. HYNT beauty makes safe cosmetics is is just about as natural as they come.  Or choose a brand formulated with no parabens, dyes, parfums, or nasties.

Stock your tub and shower  For yourself and your family, choose shampoos, body scrubs and washes that are organic and pure pampering without those chemicals! As you know, that’s all NYR Organic to me! Love their products for the entire family, especially the BEE LOVELY line 

Skincare shifts. It’s amazing how people still either don’t realize, or don’t care, about slapping on ingredients that are suspected carcinogens or endocrine disrupters. The good news is that more and more women each day ARE learning and choosing to get better, safer products like NYR Organic.

Two of my favorite lines from them are Frankincense, which is their best seller globally and one of my favorites( I use the Concentrate and the Lift products)  And Wild rose Beauty Balm which has a cult like following because it’s THAT good.  Can’t say enough about Wild Rose! and even if you don’t like typical rose scents, this is not a typical flower garden rose at all, trust me! There are lines for all skin types and all are formulated with love and use effective, ethical, safe ingredients. The White tea mask, eye gel and spray are also wonderful!

Eat Clean. In my eyes, that means as close to natural as possible. No crazy diets to follow, nothing strict or limiting. Of course, everyone has individual tastes and needs and your diet won’t look like mine.  But if you stick to organic, choose local produce from farm stands and limit boxed or processed foods and fast foods, you’re doing a great job right there at nourishing your body! If you are looking for superfoods to make smoothies with, consider HBNaturals.

Use Spices! Research is showing how many healing properties, anti inflammation and general healthiness herbs and spices have. Getting them at farmers markets or the fresh produce section is good. Growing them yourself , even better!

Some that are particularly popular and regarded as very healthy are cinnamon( for blood sugar), turmeric( anti inflammatory), chili pepper, thyme and oregano. See a little more in depth here 

Drink healthy! Replace sugary drinks or sodas with teas! Here’s an article I wrote a while back about teas. SO healthy!

CBD for wellness. I can’t say enough about CBD. I’m taking it and I recommend it for so many issues. You can take $10 off all orders over $50 at Vitalibis using my code “debraf10” and they ship free!

Just about anyone with pain, inflammation or anxiety can possibly benefit from CBD but there are a lot of choices and not all companies are offering the purest. If you see it at the gas station or the local “mart” for $20, you can be fairly sure it’s not going to work well or be pure. There are a few brands I use and recommend. Organically grown, 3rd party tested, real deal companies!  Vitalibis is another and my affiliate code “debraf10” gets you $10 off $50! ( free shipping too)

Scent your home naturally. NO MORE GLA___!! No more plug ins or sprays with fake migraine inducing scents that are supposed to transport you to a meadow. Transports me right to bed with head pain. Use essential oil based sprays very lightly, diffuse essential oils for 20 minutes 2-3 times a day or sprinkle oils around the house on old dried potpourri or pillows. Pure organic oils not only smell amazing, they can help kill germs.

If you have pets, research first and never diffuse for hours at a time. NYR Organic oils are my choice, and they have great room sprays, reed diffusers and candles too!

Aches and Pains go away! Before you reach for ibuprofen or other meds, try the natural route. Essential oil rubs, magnesium lotions or CBD balms can all help aches and pains.

A few things you might want to try:

PAIN magnesium lotion  

Make your own essential oil rub with coconut oil.

 Soothing body cream at Vitalibis

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