Nurture your Spirit in 1 Hour

One hour. Sixty minutes. It may not seem like a lot of time, but it can be a small block of time that truly can be life-changing. It’s nurturing time that we crave and need!

I know, I hear it, finding that hour a day for a busy mom can be almost impossible right?

So you may need to break that hour into 20 minutes 3 times a day.

Or you may want to wake up earlier or stay up later.

Or maybe replace an hour watching TV once ( twice?) a week, with an hour to nurture your spirit in more a fulfilling, creative, spirit nourishing way

So what things nurture your spirit? That I can’t tell you, since it’s really different for everyone. But here’s some ideas of what you can do in an hour that will bring about incredible changes in your life (yes, they will!)


Exercise. Try a long power walk or yoga, tai chi, weight training or a combo of any exercise you like or want to add. Of course it keeps your body fit, but it also helps with our creativity, our endorphins, our whole outlook, when our body is used and moved and stretched!

Follow a new passion. Perhaps aromatherapy appeals to you? Or maybe you want to  learn how to compost or grow a vegetable garden? Maybe it’s learning how to sketch, or re-finishing and re-painting furniture. Spend one hour a few times a week immersing yourself in the learning and practicing. Take an online course and become a coach. Transformation Academy has some excellent offerings here!  Maybe take an online course just for personal satisfaction. You’ll feel great about learning a new skill.And who knows? It can even lead to a new way of making money, for the win.

Catch up with friends and family who live far away. Take an hour a week to make phone calls or write thoughtful cards to loved ones. This is about the power and gratitude of giving, rather than receiving, and it feels wonderful to keep in touch and maybe make someone’s day. Plus laughing with friends and showing love is good for the soul!

Meditate. Learn to sit and practice mindfulness. You’ll find yourself calmer and happier. You can start with 5 minutes at a time. You never even have to work up to an hour at a time.

If you can meditate for 15 minutes 4 times a week, you’ll likely feel amazing changes in your life.

This is the ultimate form of nurturing your spirit-self care from within- a calm mind, a clear mind and being in touch with your own divinity. There are many guided apps you can use if you can’t meditate on your own. Search youtube or the app store. My favorites are the apps CALM and HEADSPACE.

Volunteer.  Grab a shift at the food bank or soup kitchen, read to a child at the hospital, help out at your local library, take cookies to an elderly neighbor, or help clean up a nearby park.  Whatever you do, you’ll get a break from your usual routine and you’ll have the satisfaction of helping your community. In turn, you have nurtured your own being by the power of giving with asking nothing in return. It just feels good.

Journal. Gratitude journals are a wonderful way to help us cultivate appreciation. Many people feel pressure if it’s a daily duty, but adding to your gratitude journal once a week is doable. If it’s not for an hour, that’s ok on this one. Writing 3-5 minutes a night, or once a week for 15 is good enough. Want a fabulous journal? I love what Silk and Sonder has for their monthly journals!

Pamper yourself lovingly. Get that mani/pedi. Put on a face mask and take a long long bath with no interruptions. Go for a massage. Take time to nurture your skin and body lovingly. I think using organic ethical products is best too. Try Neal’s Yard Remedies or  Chagrin Valley for safe, natural and organic products.

Read. Some of us read no matter what, while others want to read but can’t find the time. Make the time to enjoy a good book, an hour here, an hour there. Great for the escape, the education or the relaxing. Find a genre you love and relish a story that is good for the soul.

Spend extra time with your pets. Even visit an animal shelter or farm and interact with the animals.  There is nothing like animals to soothe us, offer unconditional love and friendship and to spend quality time with.

Enjoy nature. Whether it’s the beach, the woods, or a farm, getting out in the fresh air is always grounding and relaxing.


Looking for more ideas to nourish yourself?  Read my post Grounded and Beautiful– simple life swaps or Winter Reboot 

If you want some ideas to help you pamper and relax at night, this article may help screenshot2019-01-31at10.20.42am

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