One Bottle Skin Rescue

You know those ” If I could have just one _____” posts? Well they’re not easy for me. I can’t choose one book, one movie, one food, one vacation spot, one beauty product….

Oh wait, I think I can. If I had to anyway. If I had to choose one product that I use DAILY, that I think is amazing for ALL skin types and can work on face, body, hair and nails?

It’s ARGAN OIL all the way.

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 6.03.11 PM.png

Argan oil is high in both linoleic acid and oelic acid.  I know, what even does that mean?

It means it’s great for a multitude of things!

Multi purpose products are all the rage. If you can treat many things with 1 little bottle of liquid gold, isn’t that a must have product on your dresser or bathroom shelf?

Rich in vitamins A and E, packed with anti oxidants and fatty acids, it absorbs quickly! Argan oil does not cause break outs. Contrary to that old myth of not putting oils on skin, the European women love oil on skin and believe it or not , argan oil can even HELP acne! And talk about GLOWING SKIN? Argan oil is the go-to for glow.

10 more ways it works and why everyone needs a bottle around

1- use on face in winter to drench skin with much needed moisture

2- use on stretch marks

3- rub into dry patches like elbows and knees and ankles

4- mix with sugar for a quick facial scrub

5-add a few drops to your hands to mix with body moisturizer

6- soothe razor bumps after shaving

7- use as a hair/scalp treatment. leave in 20 minutes or overnight. Gently massage into scalp, not using too much.shampoo out.

8- use as a leave in hair treatment for frizzy dry ends. Often 1 drop is all it takes massaged into palms first.

9- mix a drop into your facial moisturizer or just use argan oil before your moisturizer.

10-massage into cuticles to keep nails looking healthy and grow well.

Can you tell I love argan oil?

At $28 , this little bottle can last a while because you literally use a drop or 2 at a time, it’s that rich! It’s like a SUPERFOOD for your skin. ( and you can google all the benefits on independent sites too)

NYR’s is fairly traded and 100% organic. I make sure I never run out because it’s a true GEM in my beauty routine for GLOWING SKIN.   You can get it here. and see the difference for yourself. The bottle will last a while!


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