Isn’t it crazy how some days we go through life not noticing what’s around us? Distractions, both big and small, suck the moment out of us and before we know it, it’s bedtime.

Some people are like that every day.

Others used to be like that. But now live in more awareness.

Which are you?

Do you take the moment to notice the ocean waves curling when you are at the beach and feel the tiny grains of sand slide through your toes? Or are you distracted on your phone or otherwise?

As this new season is upon us today, I’m taking the day to notice more. Notice everything from the tiny little emerging flowers in my yard to the way I slouch  sit at my computer right now. oops. fixed.

I’m taking the day to notice my childrens’ eyes when they speak, to listen to my cats purr as I lay my ear on them, and to savor my meals slowly.

Then after I notice everything today, I’m gonna give it my best to do this daily. But I am already noticing.

I notice scents more now that I started using essential oils. Synthetic ones get to my head.

I notice ingredients more, not just the color or catchiness of a label.

I notice when I wash my face with a good cleanser, how soft my skin feels afterwards and how argan oil slides effortlessly over my skin, making it glow.

I notice how my wrists feel when I am in downward facing dog or how the breeze feels when I open my car window (cannot wait to do this daily, you too?)

Too many things to mention. But…here we are….Happy Spring! Hope this season is one you’ll take to notice all the beauty around you…to make new beauty habits that keep your skin glowing and the toxins out of your house….to embrace the day, savor your foods and live in the moment!

Today in it’s spring-like sunshine, when you walk, notice your steps. That’s what I will do today too.

pink flowers on trees
Photo by Oleg Magni on
beautiful bloom blooming blossom
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