7 Easy Self Care Ideas

Almost every week I post a selfcare sunday tip on my group.  Not just for my friends and group members, but as a reminder for myself too- to slow down, end the weekend with some self care, and get ready for a new week with a relaxed state of mind and a well taken care of body. So I’m sharing 7 of my ideas here to start a new week off with simple gentle reminders.

Self care has become a bit of a buzz word nowadays, but it’s actually one I don’t mind seeing over and over. Our inner and outer selves deserve and need the love, care and devotion right? It’s for total mind, body, and spirit wellness.

1. Watch the sunset tonight if possible. Take those 30 minutes or so, with no phone, no distractions and nothing but the eyes of wonder and gratitude.
If you can’t do that, watch a short video online of nature. Also make your phone or computer screensaver a beautiful picture of something inspiring so this week you can look at it daily and feel the inspiration and serenity that comes from it.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 8.29.15 AM.png

2. Get outside. Try to never spend an entire day indoors unless you really must. A 15 minute brisk walk, some yoga in the yard, gardening or even just barefoot in the park or back yard is invigorating, grounding and a great way to get off electronics. If you can get out for longer, there’s nothing like an hour or 2 hike in the woods or walk on the beach to lower stress and feel better.


3. Take time to play. With your kids or however you can find a way to play something fun and light- be it a card game, a game of flashlight tag, a bounce on the trampoline or a board game. Lightheartedness and laughter is good for the spirit.

4. Practice a skincare routine before bedtime. Rather than a fast wash, take the time to pamper yourself with some skincare love. Use a face mask to drench skin in moisture then a toner to remove any traces of dirt and oil.  Follow with nice serum and moisturizer with therapeutic scents, like Frankincense Intense. Massage it in and your face will glow.

5. Give your feet some love. A soak in the tub or a foot tub, some gentle exfoliation and then followed by a mini self massage ( or perhaps someone in your house can rub your feet?). Then drench with a good foot cream and your feet will be ready for the new week.( and maybe new sandals too?)

6. Deep condition your hair. Whether you buy a hair mask or treatment or use a homemade treatment with coconut oil or mayonnaise, taking the time to deep treat our hair can make us feel-and look-better. When your treatment is on, don’t run around the house cleaning and cooking though. Rather, take the time to sit, as you would at a salon, and read a good book or listen to a meditation or your favorite music.

7. Get a good night’s sleep. Too often we are up late, up early and on our devices too often ( guilty). Taking some extra time to pamper and make your bedroom a haven for sleep is great. Darken the room, put on a fan or whatever you prefer, scent with lavender and hit the sack 15 minutes earlier each night for a week. Doesn’t sound like much but it’s almost 2 hours extra of sleep that week right there!  Need more? Add another 5 or 10 minutes! It’s not much but I find it actually can make a difference. Remove distractions, close the door, do what you know works best for you to have a long stretch of peaceful REM sleep.

Consider some scents like ylang ylang or lavender in a diffuser or just some drops on a nearby pillow. Both are known to relax and help us fall asleep faster. Try goodnight lotion, a magnesium lotionthat promotes restful sleep and has other health benefits. 92818000_10222787202768172_1932566521050038272_n.jpg


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