Don’t forget your hands need love too

Do you know what part of your body shows aging as much as your face (or possibly more)? Your hands. Take a look down. I know when I did I was a bit surprised. Now I am nurturing those babies as much as I do my face.

Women spend hundreds of dollars a year on face creams to look younger. We use sunscreen, wear hats, and some avoid the sun altogether so we can protect our skin from aging. But hands often get overlooked. and do’t avoid the sun. It’s got so many benefits for our bodies when you get some daily sun.

As we reach a certain age, one day we catch a glimpse of the back of our hand and OMG . . . spots! Wrinkles? Dry skin?  Yep.  They really can show our age. While we don’t have to hide our age—it is a privilege denied to many—we can take a few minutes a day to take care of our hands the same as we do for our faces right?

Just a few reminders here:

Moisturize often. Treat your hands as you would your face and use a hand cream that nurtures and moisturizes. When I apply my face cream, I don’t wipe or wash my fingertips right away, instead, I rub any remaining cream on the backs of my hands. Can’t hurt and less waste. I feel face creams work just fine for hands.

Look for specific hand creams that offer deep moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. My favorites are Neal’s Yard Remedies beauty products. I also love argan oil for its skin and nail benefits. You can use argan oil alone or under a moisturizer on any area of your body.

How about a hand serum? NYR has one! This is an intense treatment and gets great feedback!  Smooths, firms, evens skin tone and smells divine too! Frankincense is known and revered for it’s skin-loving effects.

Make sure to use sunscreen to help prevent sunspots. Our hands are exposed to the sun even when our arms are covered up. All year long. Choose a natural sunscreen. No chemicals. Natural sunscreens use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Exfoliate. Yes, when you polish your face or body in the shower be sure to do the back of your hands. Once or twice a week will do wonders. Hands will feel ultra-soft and smooth. Follow up with a heavy-duty moisturizer to lock it in. This one is super!

Keep a hand cream in your bag, on your work desk, on your night table or wherever you can remember to use it often. Bee Lovely is just the right size for hand bags, smells amazing and feels incredible.

Wear gloves when working in the yard or doing any heavy work. When cleaning, make sure cleaners don’t get on your hands as they can be very tough on skin.

Wash with warm water, not hot. And avoid harsh soaps. Look for natural soaps without dyes or chemicals.  I really like this hand wash. It smells like a spring day!

Use a hand mask. Or soak your hands in olive or coconut oil, apply cotton gloves, leave on 15 minutes and wash off gently.

When your hands look good, you’ll feel better about them. It doesn’t take much work each day and it can be worth it to have nurtured smooth hands.

person gather hand and foot in center
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