Get Started Meditating with these Great Apps

Meditation is a buzz word now with so many people doing it or trying it. Some give up after a few times though. It’s not always easy to sit and clear your mind. Personally, I find meditating with guided meditation apps is the best way for me.  Have you tried any?

Sometimes call mindfulness apps, they are such great tools that we (literally) have in our hands all day long.  On our phones. Wherever we go.

So while some people can sit just about anywhere and meditate, others love the ease and help of the guided ones on the apps. I suggest you have your earbuds, air pods or these fab ZENbandsthat I use (they are super comfy, offer quality sound and are perfect for pulling over your eyes like an eye mask too) They’re also 10% off with my code for you “naturalbeauty10”

Apps to consider





INSIGHT TIMER- some great free ones and super cool music here.

and my favorite one called CALM which has a new daily meditation each day, great series with specific focuses ( 7 days of calming stress, 21 days of calm, 7 days of sleep, Deep rest, etc)They also have sleep stories which are pretty amazing, narrated by many famous actors. Plus music that’s nice and chill.

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If you can get 10-60 minutes in daily, oh how your life can be improved and your mind and body infused with a calmer state and actually probably even a notch or 2 up on your “personal happiness scale”

They really are helpful and once you start, you may not stop. They’ll teach you how to clear and relax your mind as well as your body. They help you take that much needed quiet time we all need daily. And the sleep meditations are AHH-MAZING when you are having a tough time sleeping! Trust me, women in their 40’s and 50’s know how hard it is to sleep. Meditation helps.

The best part? You can do take the meditation sequences with you anywhere! If you have 10 or 15 minutes in the morning, pre-work or before the kids wake up, it’s an excellent way to set intentions and start your day calm and grounded.

You can listen to one each day on a lunch break as you sit in the park.

Or choose to listen before bed to quiet your mind and relax your body.

Another big perk is that meditation apps remind us to breathe deep, something many of us don’t do as we walk around taking shallow breaths too often. Deep breathing activates a calming reflex and calming action in the body and mind.

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Grab some apps and take time for YOU. It’s the ultimate form of #selfcare. and it might even change your life.

One other thing, try to meditate in your “sacred space”, a nice cozy space you have in your home just for you. Pack it with a cushion, maybe some candles, stones, pieces of nature or things that bring you calm and peaceful feelings. Even if your eyes are closed the whole time, this is what you will see before you close them and after you open them. If your bed is your haven, try it in bed. and meditation in nature-on a mountain, in the woods, near a lake or ocean is even more incredible when you can do it!

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