Top posts of the month-skin, oils, Earthley and nature!

I’m sharing the top 4 posts of this past month from my Facebook group. Hope you get some value out of them- short and sweet, with some tips and a little positive inspiration ( I hope)

Post 1


Tip: if you have sensitive skin and are trying a new product , try a little on that area of skin behind/under your ear.
If no reaction , you’re most likely fine to use on your face.
If you have a little reaction, it’s a hidden spot so you don’t have to worry about leaving the house.

Also for ANY type of skin-
Remember skin takes weeks and weeks and WEEKS to adjust to new skin care. Don’t give up on a product too soon. Allowing that skin turnover time is important to see how a product is working for you.
I’ve heard estheticians tell me to use a product a full 3 months to notice ongoing results.

Last, using natural , organically based products can really change your skin! Ditch the chemicals and reach for botanically based products. Your skin will thank you. and no chemicals going into your blood steam.

That’s why I love Neal’s Yard Remedies skin products for safe ingredients, luxurious experience, trusted company, ethics and products that truly make your skin glow!

Post 2-


Had a lot of shoppers with this one- because we all need sanitizer!

If you are looking for hand spray /sanitizer and can’t find any at your stores ( I couldn’t find any in my local stores and didn’t want to keep hunting ) or would rather stay home. 🏡, Earthley is fully stocked -for now – and they are selling fast!

Made with 63% alcohol with added essential oils lemon and lavender. It smells really nice!
The spray comes in 2 oz and 8 oz which makes it easy to get a few for each household member AND a large 1 or 2 for at home to wipe down handles, doorknobs and commonly touched surfaces.

It’s called “all purpose spray “ when you search the site because it can also be used as a cleaner! Think doorknobs, handles , steering wheel and more.

*****I have a 10 % off code for anyone who’s never shopped , use “newtoearthley”

They ship free over $50. These products are hand crafted in Ohio. They  also have a huge line of products for IMMUNITY, as well as many herbal holistic products. One of their best sellers is ELDERBERRY ELIXIR, which is organic, shelf stable, available in kids or original. I have the original and boy, it is POTENT!

Their magnesium lotion is super popular ( no itch!) as well as their VITAMIN C POWDER, FEEL BETTER FAST herbal formula ( no nasties there) and their anxiety formulas.

Shop Earthley here 

 Post 3-


Essential oils have many uses but the main one can come by simply smelling them.

Yup, just taking a whiff is all it takes and can change your mood almost in an instant!

Do you use oils?

Scents are amazing aren’t they? Like the sweet warm scent of baking cookies, the smell of flowers, the aroma of the beach, grandma’s kitchen or a fresh orange-they all trigger not only memories but feelings and they work therapeutically on our minds and bodies , they really do 🙂

I put a few drops on a throw pillow on my bed when I am reading or listening to a meditation.

I sometimes sprinkle a few drops in my car too, and I’ve been known to just pick up a little bottle and sniff away to help when I am feeling super stressed.

Of course there are oils for energy and feeling more awake when you’re tired or need focus.

I also use Neal’s Yard Remedies Remedy Rollers that you roll on wrists and pulse points.

A few popular oils are:

LAVENDER  can relieve anxiety and help with sleep.

ROMAN or BLUE CHAMOMILE calm the mind and and are grounding.

CLARY SAGE can help lower cortisol and balance hormones.

ROSE can be great for emotional stress.

YLANG YLANG can be a sleep aid and is very relaxing.

BERGAMOT is relaxing and can help with sleep too.

FRANKINCENSE- the premier meditation oil and has such a relaxing , healing quality. Great for the nervous system.

VETIVER is good for fear and panic.

PEPPERMINT is good for brain fog, mental fatigue and that pick-me -up feeling.

Check NYR for good oils! They have a small line though so
for a larger selection I really like Jade Bloomoils .

Both companies have excellent blends as well as single oils, and Jade Bloom has a University that is free. You watch fun interesting videos to learn about oils and the process to make them, answer some questions and earn points to get $32 of free product! No catch at all.  Browse Jade Bloom here 

Post 4

Social distancing is the phrase we hear and say 100 times a day. I hope you are getting out and enjoying some nature therapy! Did you get out recently? I needed to lower my major stress level, like 10 notches lower, the other day. Seriously. A 3 mile hike then a very short beach walk did it. Nature therapy 🌿💛
The world is still here.



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