Top 10 lists for natural beauty and wellness!

Here’s my top 10 product lists, from skincare to wellness products to things to do to feel and look better!  Many of these are my personal favorites, many best sellers for a reason…so ,in no particular order…

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Top 10 skincare

Wild Rose Beauty Balm– wonder balm for all skin types, a cult favorite from NYR Organic


Frankincense Intense Age Defying Serum– Instantly smooths and works to plump skin

Frankincense Lift Serum – perfect for anyone over 4, high performing serum to lift and re-contour, firm and plump skin.

Frankincense Lift Cream from NYR Organic- along with the serum above= game changers!!!

Safe, effective mineral sunscreen from Beauty by Earth! Reef friendly, no soy, no gluten, no parabens, phthalates, and nano-particles. Just an SPF 20 protection without anything toxic or dangerous. and at a very reasonable price!

Tata Harper resurfacing mask  chemical peel results to restore natural glow

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Blue Tansy mask by Herbivore Botanicals to smooth, soften, soothe and unclog pores

A jade roller like this one from Beauty by Earth can address many issues and is all the rage when it comes to skincare right now. 

Argan Oil   Deeply nourishing for skin, one of my favorites, also works on nails

Organic eye make up remover– my sensitive eyes love this gentle remover , conditions lashes too!


Top 10 Bath and Body products

Wild Rose Body Elixir–  YOU WILL GLOW!

Frankincense Toning Body Cream – restores suppleness and texture

Calendula and Oat Body Lotion– for sensitive skin, all skin, kids too

Bee Lovely Body Butter- my BFF and 3% profits goes to save the bees!


Garden Mint and Bergamot Hand Cream– this scent hooks you and soft hands too!

Bee Lovely Hand cream– from NYR Organic always with me! Support the bees, nurture your hands.

Goodnight Magnesium lotion from Earthly. Many people need extra magnesium, this one has it plus it’s so soothing and moisturizing for skin with no itch!


Bee Lovely Shower and bath gel– gentle enough for ages 3+- always in my shower.

Beauty by Earth coffee and sugar body scrub– one of their top customer favorites for a reason


Coco Rose Body polish from Herbovore Botanicals to gently exfoliate

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Top 10 wellness products

Master Tonic from Earthley Total body support for stress response, adrenals and immune system. This is vegan, organic, non gmo and an excellent herbal blend to take! 

Joy Organics CBD tinctures  and a full line of organic cbd products, with and without THC. Save 20% on all Joy Organics with my code “naturalbeautymama” and they ship free every day!


Calm and Clarity– an herbal elixir blend promoting mental clarity and a calm mood. Got brain fog? Try this one! Made with 100% organic ingredients. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Fragrances, or Preservatives.

Healing Natural Oils for individual healing and skin needs , with formulas for everything from dark spots and acne to warts, skin tags, stretch marks, hemorrhoids,  skin moles, athletes foot and more.

Argan oil from NYR Organic nicknamed “liquid gold”, amazing oil for body, hair, nails or face


Elderberry Elixir from Earthley. Serious must-have on every wellness shelf for immunity. Super potent, organic, shelf stable and comes in a kids formula too. Stock up, seriously good stuff.  Free shipping over $50. Use ‘newtoearthley’ if this is your first time shopping!

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Sleep better with SLEEP, an all natural sleep aid from Calm by Wellness. CBD with CBN and a load of great herbs for a relaxing night! 

ZENbands from Blooming wellness. If you don’t like earbuds or Bluetooth, grab this comfy headband with flat pillow speakers so you can meditate, walk, or just chill. 10% off with my code ‘naturalbeauty10″. I use mine all the time!

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GOLI organic ACV gummies. If you hate the taste of apple cider vinegar but know the health benefits, try these yummy gummies with free shipping and you can save with my code  “naturalbeautymama”

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 Goli ASHWA gummies made with highly bioavailableKSM-66®,  Ashwagandha &
Vitamin D
to help relax , restore and unwind. These popular delish gummies are gluten free, vegan and non GMO. use code’ naturalbeautymama’ to save 10% on all, and they ship free! 


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Top 10 essential oils


Lavender–  relaxing and soothing, super popular oil!

Organic Defence- great for diffusing and cleaning.

Meditation blend- promote a sense of calm, and encourage deeper breathing

Peppermint -stimulating, cooling and refreshing. just smelling can suppress appetite too

Women’s Balance- a top selling blend to harmonize, add inner clarity and take the edge off emotions

Lemongrass- very popular multi use oil

Bergamot -can ease anxiety, uplifting and fruity

Rosemary -for the mind, the muscles and more

Eucalyptus -decongesting when you have a head cold

Frankincense- wonderful oil, relaxing, great for anxiety and skin

shop NYR Organic oils here 

Looking for a bigger selection of oils?

I recommend Jade Bloom  * 

They have hundreds of pure oils! You can also earn $32 worth of free products at the Jade Bloom University, learning about how they source and make their pure oils!


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Top 10 things to do this year to feel and look better

Yoga- I recommend Yoga with Adriene for all levels especially beginner or those who want a huge selection and want to feel a connection with their online instructor, she’s the one. You’ll find her on youtube and she has a great mailing list newsletter too!

Boho Beautiful. Watch on youtube , FB or IG for this couple. Beach yoga and pilates videos. Traveling couple with the best scenery , uplifting stories, more advanced yoga( a little less instructive than some)

Sleep more

Walk daily

Meditate – Try the apps CALM or HEADSPACE if you need guided meditation

Be grateful ❤

Volunteer. It just feels good!

Switch to safer skincare  NYR Organic is my choice for skin and body. Try  Hynt beauty andClove and Hallow for clean make up

Eat cleaner, fresher, lighter REAL food!

Laugh more 🙂

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