Top Tips for Self Care right now!

Wellness is key this season, more than ever!

Wellness starts with mindset, and conscious choices.
It’s about feeding the mind, body and spirit with good. Good foods, good thoughts, good nurturing self care.
It’s about keeping your passions alive and treating your body with loving care.

Tips for self care 

1-Get outside

Try to never spend an entire day indoors (unless you really must). A 15 minute brisk walk, hanging out in the yard for a while, gardening, walking or whatever you can. It’s grounding. It’s great for the soul. If you can get out for longer, there’s nothing like a long hike to lower stress.

2-Take time to play
With your kids or however you can, find a way to play something fun and light- whether that is a card game, a game of flashlight tag, a bounce on the trampoline or a board game. Lightheartedness and laughter are good for the spirit, and laughter has many health benefits too. Blow some bubbles with the kids. It brings out the child in all of us and that child loves fun! Play often. #goals

3-Give your body some extra “hydro therapy” 
A long relaxing soak in the tub or your feet in a foot tub can do wonders for the body and the mind. Then drench your body with a luxurious cream or body butter and you’ll be feeling relaxed and recharged and nurtured!

4-Stay off social media
This is hard right? We are addicted. But we all have to take time to schedule in offline time. Just as mentioned above, those things ( being outside, playing and being in the water) should all be sans phone or laptop. I know after a long walk without my phone or a day at the beach, I am so grounded and WAY LESS STRESSED! 

5- Try flower remedies for emotions
Flower remedies are not essential oils. They don’t work on the body or have a scent. What they do help, is our emotions. Like energy healing or vibrational healing, each essence or blend works for particular issues. My brand of choice is Freedom Flowers and I am partial to “JOY” and “TOMORROW” blends right now, during this pandemic to help set my mind to a more positive outlook. But there are essences for just about every issue! Take the quiz on the site or browse around here

6-Sleep more, Sleep better
Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for mind, body and spirit. you know how grumpy we get when we didn’t sleep well. Plus we can get run down and catch colds and viruses easier. Too often we are up late, up early and on our devices too often ( guilty). Taking some extra time to pamper and make your bedroom a haven for sleep is great. Darken the room, put on a fan or whatever you prefer, scent with a relaxing scent like lavender or ylang ylang or a blend. You can get great pure oils at affordable prices at Jade Bloom here. Try to hit the sack 15 minutes earlier each night for a week. That’s almost 2 hours more of sleep! Here’s a weekly to-do list for better sleep.

7- Eat right, eat less.
We’ve all heard the motto “Just eat real food”.
It’s an easy reminder to reach for healthy foods, REAL foods, like fruits and veggies more often. Cut the processed foods as much as you can, save the treats for holidays and special occasions where you don’t want to feel deprived. I never skip dessert on special days! Being home more nowadays gives us a good reason to experiment with more homemade foods like hearty soups, seasonal vegetables and healthy casseroles.
8-Take adaptogens
Adaptogens are known to help our bodies deal with stress. They work best when taken over time. They can lower stress, improve attention, increase endurance and make us feel more balanced. Adaptogens are herbs or mushrooms , or a blend of several. Personally, I think they are fantastic. Just give them time for you to notice a difference. They need to “adapt” to each individuals body and stress response.
A few faves here you might like:

Goli Ashwa to relax, restore, unwind, deal with stress, support endurance, quality sleep and more. Use my code ‘naturalbeautymama” to save 10%, and they ship free!

Master Tonic from Earthley has ashwagandha and schisandra berry as well as mushroom and blue vervain to help with a healthier stress response.

Cocoa Calm from Earthley is not only delish in smoothies, hot cocoa and recipes, it contains ashwagandha root, rhodiola root, and eleuthero root to help relieve stress, promote a calmer mood and help with recovery time after exercise.

5 Mushroom Super Blend In a very easy to take capsule, this blend is for antioxidant affects, anti inflammatory effects and can helps with anxiety and stress.


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