Non Toxic is the new norm for nails

Do you have an old container in your cosmetic drawer with nail polishes from God -knows- when? Yeah, I did too. And I cleaned it out recently to replace them with new nail polishes that are known to have fewer chemicals. Many of us are doing nails at home now so why not make sure you have a good stash of safe polishes? You can bring your own to any salon as well.

Besides the strong dangerous aroma of traditional nail polishes, the chemicals in polishes can enter our bloodstream through our thin nail beds, much like chemicals that enter our pores when we use skin products.

study at Duke University showed that a chemical called TPHP was in the blood of every tester who wore nail polish. Even worse, the study showed that two of the eight products did not even disclose that on their labels! So much for truth in labeling, sadly.

Fortunately many companies have now eliminated the ingredients that are big no-no’s. They’ve reformulated into new “free” versions. You may have read “3 free,” “5 free,” or even “10 free or 14 free” on labels. Though they can pick and choose what they want in their formulas, the more “no’s” or “free of”, the better.

The 3 free usually means they contain no formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate. As a comparison, a 10 free formula has no formaldehyde or resin, toluene, DBP, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, parabens, acetone, TPHP, TBHP, or gluten. A mouthful , I know. But who needs that in our bodies anyway?

Ready to upgrade those old polishes and start your new collection with safer formulas?

Popular brands include Zoya, Cote ( available in many stores), ella+mila ( here’s a $5 off coupon for you and they ship free! ) , Kapa Nui, and Orly Breathable Treatment and Color. These new formulas paying staying power and nourish nails without damaging them. Also, they have safe effective polish removers that don’t stink up your house! I absolutely love the ella+ mila remover, it is so gentle and leaves nails soft and not stripped feeling.

If you have a daughter who loves her nails painted, try Piggy Paint. This is a kid-friendly polish that is hypoallergenic and cruelty-free, with barely any odor. With names like Dragon Tears, Tickled Pink, and Wild Child, what girl wouldn’t want a collection? Honestly, I may grab some for myself. It’s almost sandal season!

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