The Pillars of Health for mind, body, spirit balance

We all know when we are in balance, we feel better. Yet sometimes we focus on taking care of certain parts of our lives and almost forget about the others. For each of us, some areas will come naturally and others we have to remember about and make sure to focus on.

We definitely need a variety of various “activities” and healthy focuses in our lives to stay balanced in mind, body and spirit. We can’t just focus on one or two areas-like some people focus on diet and exercise, that’s great, but there needs to be focus on other things as well, like following a creative passion, making sure we are social and with friends, getting out in nature.

Here’s the the ones I feel are most important for mind, body and spirit holistic harmony. The “pillars of health”. A little about each one below.


Sun is life enhancing in so many ways. We are not meant to live inside. For many of us, sun makes us thrive. It’s those sunny days we are full of energy, with a spring in our step. It’s no surprise people flock to sunny states for vacations or to move. Sitting inside all day, in artificial light, and often on a computer, can drain us of vital life force- I believe that getting sun balances that so getting outside as often as possible is vital.

I’m not going to get into whether wearing sunscreen is safe or not, but if you use it, please choose mineral sunscreen like the one at Beauty By Earth Just don’t choose the chemical based ones. A simple google search will show you all the chemicals that should not be going on our skin-and in our bodies like oxybenzone)

Nature and Earthing

Again, being outside is a tremendous boost for the spirit. You may know the saying ” Nature is my church”. For some it’s the time they find their spirituality and connect with the Universe. For others, it’s what I mentioned above-the balance from being indoors. Earthing is important. Some of us do it naturally. I am inclined to be barefoot as often as I can, it’s just what I prefer. Earthing is absorbing the energy of the earth, by walking barefoot on the ground. Try to be barefoot in your backyard, at a park, on the grass, at the beach, wherever you can. Being surrounded by nature literally infuses us with the energy of the earth. Plants, trees, sand, rocks, mountains, rivers, lakes, ocean, fields…..your spirit is calling. The more time you spend outside, the better you will feel.


As Mike Dooley says ” Thoughts become things”. Choose good thoughts and create each day with expectation of good things. We all know those downer people who only see the negative, and therefore, keep being served more negative things by the Universe. Make a little challenge for yourself this month- to only focus on good empowering thoughts. When anything less that that comes to your mind, acknowledge it, but then let it go and replace it with 3 good thoughts.


Movement throughout the day is important, as is actual exercise. I recently read that going to the gym after sitting 8 hours a day is not quite enough to stay healthy. It’s about moving on a regular basis throughout the day. Incorporate more standing, more stretching, more dance. Walk to lunch rather than drive. Take the stairs. Try some tai chi on lunch break. Do some squats while your pasta boils. Add yoga or pilates.Taking a few 10 minute walks a day is great also if you can’t fit in long ones.


This is so important isn’t it? To have a social life, be connected with friends or groups. Even texting and calling friends several days a week keeps us connected. Joining local meet up groups is another way to get that tribe feeling, a feeling of belonging. New studies show how loneliness is an epidemic. I know it’s not easy to meet new people, but looking for some online resources can be a start!

Try meetup,, local Facebook groups or just reconnecting with family or friends you lost touch with. Reach out to a neighbor or maybe look for a walking club.


Choosing those foods mindfully ( organic, local etc) and preparing them mindfully plus EATING them mindfully is a whole different experience than grabbing some food on the go.

I think once you get into that mindful mode, you will naturally choose healthier foods. I’m proud every time I see one of my kids read a label and choose something lower in sugar. I hold a certification in holistic nutrition coaching and I know the power of wholesome foods on our bodies.

But I am also about moderation, not deprivation. Choose whole foods as often as you can and treat yourself occasionally with no guilt. None. I will include taking herbal remedies and good supplements in this category. I love Earthley’s so check into them for excellent affordable herbal supplements.


As in passion, laughter, joy. This is the zest for life we crave and the energy that fuels our spirits. It’s so important to find a passion that brings you joy. Whether that’s something you put on the back burner as you raised your family, or maybe something new you discovered recently , it’s time to follow that passion as often as you can. Start now and never stop.

You know, the kind of thing that makes you lose track of time? Maybe it’s art, maybe music, a craft or a sport. Perhaps it’s gardening or being with animals. Whatever it is, the more you do it, the more joy that comes. Find the things that make you laugh too. The people, or the TV shows that bring a belly laugh. Laughter is amazing for health and wellness!

Sleep quality

We read so much about this nowadays. Many of us don’t sleep well. So it’s about finding what works for you. For most of us, shutting the electronics an hour before bed, getting exercise in the day, and getting some quiet meditative time before bed can work wonders. Many of us also need a quiet room ( or white noise so buy a fan or white noise machine). The scent of lavender can help. Get a pillow spray or an oil to sprinkle on the corner of your sheet or on a sachet near your bed.

Also many people take in too much caffeine during the day. I’ve heard stopping before noon can do the trick. Getting a solid 7-8 hours a night is what most adults need. Another thing that may help is this goodnight magnesium lotion.

Consider CBD too. Calm by Nature has a new CBD/CBN sleep aid here that gets rave reviews!


I’m not a fan of long fasting but intermittent fasting is said to help detox our bodies. Even 12 hours a day ( say,, 7pm to 7 am ) gives our systems a small break, to restore and reset.

Other ways to detox might be taking an epsom salt bath, getting an immersive nature vacation with no electronics for days on end, or any of the below tips from Earthley. Eating foods and taking herbs to nourish the liver helps too, since the liver is the big part of detoxing in our bodies. Liver Love from Earthley may help


I think most of us know to drink all day long. Good clean, filtered water. I don’t believe there has to be a certain amount we drink, but it should be hourly as we can. Dehydration can lead to headaches, sluggishness and other things.

I’m pretty sure all of us agree that balancing all of these are important to overall wellness. How can we have positive thoughts and energy to pursue our passions without good sleep? How can we feel the earth’s energy if we stay inside? How can we feel our best if we don’t eat well?

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