Summer Skin Savers and Beach Bag must-haves!

It’s my time of the year- beach time! But we all know as much as summer lovers love being outside, there are some things to look out for. And there are some things that can happen to skin now that don’t happen in colder months, like bug bites, sunburns, poison ivy and rashes.

Not to mention there’s messed up sleep schedules with vacations and parties.

Here’s some of my best tips and favorite products to address everything-morning til night, head to toe, and for inner health and outer beauty.

My skin favorite must-have is White Tea Facial Mist. Whether I am stuck in traffic or walking the hot Zoo, or sitting on the soccer field , a spritz of this mist feels like heaven on a hot day. It quenches that dry parched feeling, it relaxes and refreshes and it soothes skin. If you add in a few drops of a flower essence it can work on your emotions too. Double bonus there. A great thing to do is to keep it in your handbag or if you go to the beach, toss it in the cooler. This is one of my all-time favorite sprays! The White Tea eye gel is also a super product to have on hand! Keep it in the fridge and apply in the AM if your eyes are a bit puffy!

Do you have safe sunscreen? If you wear sunscreen, be sure to choose mineral ones. My new favorite is Beauty By Earth. Check the site here, there’s usually a 10% off code too! It blends in well, has no nasty ingredients and comes in 3 options ( stick not shown)

Whether you forgot sunscreen or just didn’t reapply often enough (who else is guilty of this?) you might have a bit of a burn. Wild Rose Beauty Balm from Neal’s Yard Remedies seems to make redness go away and burns feel better too. Of course, bad burns should be addressed with products like a baking soda paste or straight aloe. Stay out of the sun for a few days while healing.

My go-to? Reading! I use Goodreads to create a list and grab 5 books from the library, or some on my kindle, for some perfect in the shade or AC reading.

By the way, the Wild Rose Beauty Balm gives face a major glow, exfoliates and locks in moisture! It’s great for travel. There’s a whole Wild Rose line you may want to consider if radiant skin is your goal, browse all the Wild Rose products GLOW day cream, AHA toner and eye brightener, facial oil, body oil, body polish…a very popular line around the globe for a good reason!

How are your knees, heels and elbows? A bit dry? Some people get drier in summer, some drier in Winter, either way, a great lotion or preferably a body butter can add that needed moisture! These creams, lotions and butters won’t fail you and they are all made with safe ingredients, no nasties! Bee Lovely Body Butter is my all time creamy dreamy favorite. If you are looking for a less expensive option, try this simple natural 2 ingredient(!) version from Earthley. 4 scents available. Either one will nurture your driest areas and make you feel decadent.

If you love to hike, or work out, you probably feel the effects of a long day…you know, sore shoulders, knees, maybe hips. Maybe it’s calf strain. Do you know about arnica? For centuries, dancers and athletes have loved arnica and there’s a good reason- it’s pretty amazing for overworked muscles. Even is great before working out! I use mine all the time. This one is my favorite and it’s a great blend of arnica and essential oils for a deep heating massage.

Not sleeping well? It happens. It’s important to get a restful sleep and some things can help. A consistent bedtime, a cool room and a quiet room work for many people. White noise, AC’s or fans are on the list too. Scenting the bedroom with an oil like lavender can soothe you and relax your mind. ( even a few drops on a pillow or sachet near you can help) Shop oils at NYR or a larger selection at Jade Bloom. Or check out this pillow mist! You are just $25 away from sweet dreams! Zzzzzz

Another thing that may help is Goodnight lotion, a nurturing skin cream with magnesium in it, proven to help us relax, de-stress and dozens of other reasons we need magnesium to stay calm. It can even help with leg cramps and constipation!

Bug bites would have to be one of my few things I don’t love about summer! I make a great homemade bug spray using this spray and adding some oils, like lavender, citronella, lemongrass and eucalyptus. The super cool thing about this spray is that you can use it as a room spray and a sneaker spray ( gym bag deodorant ) too!

Despite that ^, many of us will get bites at some point. Or poison ivy. So there’s itchiness, rashes, redness. You can try black drawing salve, which I remember my mom using on me back in the 70’s! It is made with soothing Bentonite Clay and activated charcoal to get rid of any minor skin concerns or irritations. 

Here’s one from Earthley and while you are there, check out some of my favorite herbal remedies!

Speaking of herbal remedies, if you have some anxiety or feel stressed, Earthley makes 3 kinds of natural anxiety relief! I’ve used the CBD and the one with just adaptogens. Plus there’s a blend of both! Grab some here, stay chill.

Choose safe products this summer, have fun and be safe!


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