Get glowing hydrated skin with oils and serums!

It’s that time of year. With less humidity in the air, you might already be seeing a change in your skin. And if not yet, you know it’s coming. Many women get dehydrated skin in the fall and winter months. This is not actually dry skin. Though you can also have dry skin year round. Confusing right?

During these cold weather seasons, you will want to add oils and serums to your skincare routine, (for face and body)Some women are scared of oils, thinking they will clog your pores or cause break outs. The right oils won’t. In fact, in Europe, women prefer oils to creams often. And here they are getting more popular for a reason- they work to bring about more radiance and keep skin hydrated better.

Pure oils, without synthetic chemicals, have many skin rejuvenating properties.

Oils can also help moisturizers absorb into your skin better. The fatty acids in oils will help skin feel soft, supple and look luminous.Some oils have essential oils in them, like neroli, frankincense or rose, and offer aromatherapy benefits as well.

How do you know if you need to add an oil or a serum?

What exactly do they do anyway?

Here’s a brief and simple explanation of each but remember that, like cold weather clothing, skin care often works best in layers. So oil, serum then moisturizer. It doesn’t have to get confusing and some people just use oil then moisturizer OR serum then moisturizer. We all have different skin and different needs, no one size fits all.


As we age, or in the cooler months, skin loses some of the natural oils it used to produce in abundance. Adding an oil before moisturizing not only helps replenish that oil, it can add some of the “glow” back to your skin. Facial oils are perfect choices.

Argan oil, known by it’s nickname “liquid gold” , is one of my personal favorites for all skin types. It’s a staple on many beauty counters and has high levels of antioxidant E.

I love all Neal’s Yard Remedies oils (and serums) .They have excellent ingredients and they work. Not to mention, this is an ethical award winning line!


Lightweight and concentrated, serums can add a powerful punch to skin care routines. Serums help to firm skin, increase moisture levels, reduce the appearance of lines and make skin smoother. Serums can penetrate deeper than regular moisturizers but they work best in conjunction with moisturizers. Some women layer a serum, followed by an oil. Add your moisturizer over the serum and oil.

My NEWEST favorite serum is Frankincense LIFT serum from Neal’s Yard Remedies! It’s worth it’s weight in gold for aging well. I like to call it PRO AGING as opposed to anti aging. Pro aging is looking your best using safe, effective, natural and ethical products and embracing your age!

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