5 Reasons to Switch to Shampoo Bars

Have you heard of shampoo bars? It’s like a soap bar for your hair. I switched to them over a year ago and I am hooked!

How did it take me this long to hop on this eco-trend? Don’t know, but I am glad I did. Read until the end to get my top 2 recommendations.

There are a many reasons these bars are good for your pocketbook, good for the environment, and good for your hair.

1. They don’t take up space.

Whether in the shower, the camper, or the cabinet, there’s not much space needed for shampoo bars. They’re small and convenient wherever you need them. My shower space is not huge, so the bar barely takes up space.

2. They have no plastic waste

These babies are bio-degradable. Like soap, when it’s gone, it’s gone. No plastic bottle to recycle. Not to mention bottles often end up in the garbage. It’s so nice to have less waste.

3. Hair loves them!

Seriously. My hair feels cleaner, less greasy, and looks amazing when I use one. Most shampoo and conditioner bars are natural based-made with ingredients like coconut milk, essential oils, and mild cleansing agents that are very effective and leave hair clean and shiny. They can help prevent damage and moisturize the same as bottled shampoos. Not only that, I can go longer before my hair feels dirty and I need to wash it again. Many people say they have less frizz too.

4. They are perfect for travel

Small, lightweight, TSA approved, and easy to pack in a little bag, there’s no excess space you need and no mini-travel size shampoo bottles you need to run to the store to buy.

5. They are usually a great value

Shampoo bars typically last longer than shampoo in bottles, because all it takes is a few swipes around your head to get a nice lather. Literally , no waste. Very concentrated. A little bar can last you a month or more depending on how often you wash.

Bonus- you can use them to shave!

Now for a few you may want to check into. These are 2 of my favorites.

Unscented bar from SpiraLeaf/Whiff Botanicals. You can grab the bar here on Amazon for under $12! They’re made in the US and free from additives , fragrances and colors. The bars also come in a set( shampoo and conditioner) or in scents like this orange zest one.

Another fantastic brand is Chagrin Valley! Their bars come in various delectable scents such as coconut milk, honey beer and egg, rosemary and lavender and summer sunshine to mention just a few. They’re all crafted using organic oils, butters and herbs. These are cruelty free bars and made in the US by a small family owned company! Check out their full line of soaps here. These are gorgeous, safe and smell fab!

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