Energy Givers and Energy Zappers

Short and sweet today. Ever notice when people walk in the room, the energy changes? They could bring a positive vibrant upbeat energy, maybe a light-hearted laughter and love spilling out type energy or worse yet, a negative somber energy you pick right up on. It changes everything. Same as a sunny blue sky day gives most people a sunny outlook and more bounce in their step, whereas a gloomy grey day might do the same for a mood.

While we can’t change other people’s energy, or make the sun shine ( too bad), we can do all we can to shift our own energy. I’ve been known to fall into little negative energy slumps and for a long time, I was completely unaware that it was ME causing them. Yes, little ole me, creating negativity wherever I went. I’d much rather scatter fairy dust believe me. Let that fairy dust grow wild like dandelions.

So the first step is awareness of the things we do, say, think and eat can either create positive or negative energy that we carry with us ( and scatter upon our homes and loved ones). More than that, it’s the way we live, the passions we have (or don’t have), the attitude we choose, the way we nurture our minds, bodies and spirits.

Here’s a simple graphic to remember which things we can do that can shift us to either positive or negative. While I say “simple”, I get it that it’s not always simple. We have stress. We get lazy. We eat crap. We work and forget to play. We lack sunlight. We get in traffic jams. We tend to others and forget about ourselves. We go through entire days without laughing( isn’t that wild? How lovely it would be to be child like and laugh several times an hour)

To sum it up, if we can become aware of the things we are doing that bring positive energy, we can do more of them. Likewise, when we see ourselves doing more from the negative side here, we have to learn to redirect ourselves. I know this is oversimplified, but I know you get it. I need this reminder for myself too. Printing this graphic and hanging it right on the fridge.

Here’s to more positive energy! Sun, nature, hugs and laughter to all ❤

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