The incredible healing power of salves

I don’t know what it is about herbal salves, but there’s a feel-good element with them that goes beyond their healing properties that I can’t explain. Maybe it reminds me of childhood, or simpler times with the old fashioned tins. Maybe it’s because the remedies are made with pure, natural ingredients that make them comforting to me. Maybe it’s the tactile experience of turning the lid and then dipping my fingers into them. It’s probably all those things. I must admit I am a bit of a junkie. Do you use salves? We have a bunch here- in the bathroom, on everyone’s night table and I carry some in my bag with me too. Salves truly are must- haves for all sorts of skin issues!

What I love about salves from Chagrin Valley:

~the portability- perfect size to carry with you.

~the ingredients- made with organic healing herbs and oils. No petroleum! Organic herbal salves rely on the medicinal properties of nature, not synthetic chemicals. All cruelty free and made in the good ole USA.

~the effects- simple, gentle and effective healing on your skin.

So what kind of salves are we talking about? 12 luscious varieties for all skin issues from Chagrin Valley soap and salve.

Sea Buckthorn to promote wound healing, reduce scarring and protect inflamed skin.

Tamanu salve is anti inflammatory to help fade stretch marks and scars.

Calendula salve an all purpose salve for dry skin, diaper rash, eczema, and more plus great for tattoo care also!

Saint John’s Wort-for minor burns and skin irritations.

Goldenseal and Myrrh salve – a natural healing antiseptic that helps with acne, cuts, fungal and bacterial infections.

Chickweed salve– Great for itchy skin, from insect bites, stings and dryness.

Breathe Easy salve– for stuffy nose, cold and allergies. Quick relief when dabbed under your nose.

Cool menthol salve-good for sore muscles and sinus /chest congestion

Warming muscle herbal salve -warms and stimulates to soothe sore muscles and joints. With cayenne pepper and arnica.

Minty feet balm– for aching feet, and dry cracked feet a heals. A must have, summer or winter!

Sweet dreams herbal salve– to help you relax and unwind with the power of aromatherapy.

Baby me! Baby bum salve– Self explanatory and so gentle on precious sensitive skin. Use for diaper rash or cradle cap.

Nursing nipple balm– to ease sore nipples for nursing moms.

Rosehip and Shea cuticle cream– protects, heals and nourishes cuticles and nails.

and let’s not forget our sweet dogs!

Dog paw salve-for sore, dry cracked paws and also can protect in winter or in summer on hot pavement.

Well there you have it! And don’t they sound lovely? Shop Chagrin Valley here. Don’t forget to create an account because you can earn points for free reward points off future orders! Bookmark this page now

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