7 Spring beauty must-haves!

Spring means renewal. A time for new routines. More of your skin showing. More sun. What that all means is it’s time to do a little makeover from your winter skin routine, change up what’s in your handbag and choose some new colors!

Do you color your hair? If so, a color saving spray now that the sun is stronger is a must! Spritz in a leave-in conditioner with SPF so you’ll get less fade.

If you haven’t already, pack your bag (or car) with sunscreen so you can reapply throughout the day. The ones from Beauty by Earth are a few of my favorites. Also try Blue Lizard or DRMTLGY’s clear formula which gets high reviews.

Stock your handbag with three must-haves for wherever you go: a razor for the little stubborn hairs on your knee you missed ( that’s not just me is it?), a tweezer (because sunlight shows everything on our chinny chin chins) and an SPF lip balm because sunburned lips are plain awful. Beauty by Earth again is a great choice here- they make a key lime and a pina colada flavor all with safe ingredients! Check out all the lip products here

Your feet need extra attention this season! Keep them smooth and soft with a foot scrub like this fabulous pumice scrub from Neal’s Yard Remedies. You can even make your own very simple one with epson salt or sugar. Follow up with a creamy moisturizer and don’t forget a pretty pedicure. Use safe polish. More about that here and some recommended brands.

Another handbag/beach bag must have is water. Toss in a reusable BPA free water bottle to drink out of, and also include a water-based skin mist to cool off. These are sold by many brands now as facial hydrating or makeup setting mists. Packed with ingredients like tea, essential oils, fruit extracts, aloe, and coconut water, there are multiple benefits for your skin. When you overheat, misting your face, neck and chest area can save the moment. Just make sure your sunscreen is water resistant, or reapply as instructed. I love Neal’s Yard Remedies Reviving White Tea facial mist and at Beauty by Earth, there’s a hyaluronic acid mist that looks great!

Speaking of mists, Beauty By Earth makes a lovely self tanning water bronzing face mist and has other very self tanners that are safe, effective and look natural. It’s one of their most popular best sellers.

Skip the deep rich winter lipstick and switch to a light summery coral or pink if you wear color. Try the free beauty assessment from Naked Poppy if you haven’t! ( and save with my code on the site here)

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