Back to Basics- Why simpler skincare is better

Recently I read a post by Jamie Lee Curtis saying she tried expensive beauty products due to falling prey to advertising. She spent $800 on a jar of cream that ” didn’t do anything”. I’ve been thinking about that post. Because the older ( wiser?) I get, the more I tend to agree. While maybe some people say they have results from expensive creams and oils, lotions and potions, I would say most don’t have major results.

Science finds some excellent skincare ingredients, that we do know. But often the simple ones, even the ones used by our great great grandma’s are all we need.

Nowadays, many women, including myself and many of my friends, are turning to simple back to basics skin products, for face and body, and to simple natural holistic remedies for wellness.

Skincare doesn’t have to be overly complicated nor expensive. A nice gentle cleanser, an oil or serum and a moisturizer can be all that is needed. Sure you can add in a scrub, some microdermabrasion, toners, extra serums, special eye creams, masks, etc but to tell the truth, from my personal experience, often while it’s a nice experience to have that mask on or whatever, it’s likely a waste of money having too many products.

With gas and food prices soaring, not everyone can afford, nor wants, the $200+ jars of skin cream or the entire 7 step regime on the daily.

So let’s talk about simple for a minute. I made a fabulous foot and body scrub last week. My daughter said it looks like dirt but it made our skin incredibly soft. Ingredients I used: coffee grounds, some olive oil and coconut oil and some sugar. Mix it up, use within a week or so.

Simple can mean less ingredients but ingredients that really get the job done! Earthley makes a body body with 3 ingredients! THREE!! None of the crazy long lists of things you can’t pronounce. Just mango butter, apricot oil and an organic essential oil. I just feel better using products like this. No parabens, no artificial fragrance, no preservatives. Oh and all the ingredients are organic, of course!

Maybe it’s the overwhelming craziness of the world nowadays that is making so many of us crave simple. Maybe it’s the fact that we now KNOW these extra added ingredients really don’t do much and at worst, they could potentially put chemicals like parabens and pthlates and hormone disrupters into our skin. Think of your kids too. What do you want to put on their thin, precious skin? Think of your teen girls and how the commercial market for them is all chemical parfum and fake scented products. It’s RIDICULOUS!

Simple is good. Simple works. and honestly, simple is better for you.

Earthleys ” Moisturize me” for dry skin is made with these:

  • Apricot oil
  • Jojoba Oil*
  • Tamanu oil*
  • Chamomile*
  • Rose petals*
  • Candelilla wax
  • Essential oil blend (ylang-ylang, lavender, helichrysum

*Certified organic ingredients

That’s all!

I could go on and on and list all their products. Like a facial serum with Argan oil,Raspberry seed oil,Frankincense essential oil and Coriander essential oil. That’s it!

Soaps and salves that are handcrafted from Chagrin Valley is another line that I also love.

If you currently use expensive products and are not seeing results you like, or are feeling it in the pocketbook, or maybe just are feeling a shift toward being more natural, this is the time to embrace holistic natural living. The more you learn about the unsafe ingredients, or fall prey to false advertising, the better choices your’ll make.

Back to basics means the time to be barefoot more, the time to grow your own food more, use herbal remedies instead of OTC meds and teach our children that less is more. To remember that Mother Nature makes so many of the things we need and that the safety of simple organic ingredients for our health beats out chemical concoctions with questionable ingredients that we may pay the price for down the road with ill effects.

Browse Earthley’s simple handcrafted organic natural skin products here

Earthley’s excellent organic handcrafted herbal remedies

Chagrin Valley’s soaps, salves and more here. I’m a big fan of the soaps and salves! They have salves for almost any type of skin issue and it just makes you feel good using natural healing herbs!

Read more about how to live a more natural lifestyle here

Check out a few THIS OR THAT’s below to show the difference from store bought products to natural healthier safer. This may even be SHOCKING!



I know what I choose!

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