Summer Self Care Bucket list

Make summer about self care, self love and lots of nature and sunshine! Stay offline more, slow down and savor more. See if you can do everything on this list, and add your own goals too.

And you know, I can’t say one thing on this list is more important than another because that’s all individual.

But a few I think are MUSTS for most of us:

Hydrate often- we sweat and lose a lot of water, even when we don’t really think we are sweating! So hydrate with fruits like melons but also keep that bottle of water close and sip if frequently. Like more than you want to.

Make home made iced tea- I should have added lemonade because I don’t drink iced tea, but anything homemade will be fresh and have less sugar than store bought and have no nasty additives!

Watch more sunsets and sunrises- there is something so magical about the sunset and or sunrise that it really is something we should try to do a few days a week. And it’s fantastic way to start or end a day.

Take a walk in the woods. The ultimate nature sanctuary away from it all. “Forest bathing” has multiple health benefits, including less stress, better mental attitude, better sleep and physical health too.

Sit under a waterfall or jump in the ocean waves( or hit up a lake, or river, or whatever you can find) It’s invigorating, refreshing and it’s plain “water therapy” to rinse away the stress!

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