Take Good Care of your Spirit

Through the years I have realized more and more how important it is to nurture your spirit. (your soul, if you prefer)

Personally I think making seasonal changes is often one of the best ways to do it, since, like the flowers, we go through phases and fall and wintertime is a good time to shed the old, to embrace the inner core strength of who we are ( like a tree trunk without it’s leaves).It’s time to become very aware of ways we can nurture ourselves with extra love and warmth 

Nurturing your spirit can be following a passion.

It could be something as huge as traveling for 3 months.

Or something as “small “ as taking up a creative art hobby like painting, drawing or photography.

Maybe it will be more physical. Perhaps it’s taking time each day to go for a run, or a walk through the magical woods.

Maybe it’s getting serious about yoga (join the class), or going over to youtube and learning tai chi.

Meditation is a wonderful way to take care of yourself. It makes us feel calmer, our spirits lighter and mind more at ease. While meditating you might want to use or diffuse essential oils that are calming, like lavender, ylang ylang, vetiver, patchouli, clary sage, neroli or a calming blend. These work on our minds to help us relax and chill out (it’s proven!)

Other things to do both physically and mentally for a balanced spirit.

*Physical- take a detox bath at least twice a week. Light a candle, scent the bath with foam and add epsom salt.

*Physical– sing in the car, laugh by watching a funny movie or show, play a musical instrument you like! When was the last time you belly laughed like a kid?

*Mental– take 20 minutes each day to meditate. Can’t do it on your own? Try an app. CALM is my favorite app , also Insight Timer app has some great guided meditations.

*Mental– start a gratitude journal and each night ( or morning) write 1-3 things you are grateful for that day. This site makes fantastic monthly journals!

More ideas that only cost us a little time or money and bring us a wealth of joy to feed and nurture our spirits:

~Volunteer at the school

~Help out a neighbor who is having a hard time

~Leave a random gift basket on someone’s steps who you think could really use a pick me up.

~Offer to shop for an elderly person you know.

~Call a relative you haven’t spoken to.

~Buy a pack of 10 greeting cards , and send to 10 old friends to say hello and wish them well.

~Paint rocks or driftwood and leave for others.

~Tuck a note into someone’s bag , or under a pillow, to say I love you.

~Compliment a kid on something they are ( kind, smart, sweet, thoughtful, observant) not just how they look

~Smile at someone who looks harried or having a hard day

~Give a candy bar or small treat to a cashier who’s working hard.

~Take extra time to cuddle with your kids  or partner❤

*Did you ever notice the people who are the most beautiful to you are usually the ones who are following their passions and who are helping others in selfless ways? They take great care of themselves-not in vain ways-, but in ways that nurture their spirit- they are wildly passionate about life and they glow from their inner and outer beauty?

Looking for more ways to nurture your spirit and feel better?

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