Little things we can do daily for big wellness changes

Everything we do adds up to the whole of our day, which is the whole of our lives. So each little thing contributes in a big way actually. Our wellness comes from a lifestyle of all the little things we do, and steps we take, on a consistent basis that pay off by keeping us healthier and happier.

Some of the most important small things we can strive to do :

*Take a daily walk

*Lift some weights

*Go to sleep an hour before you usually do

*eat a big salad daily with very little dressing or olive oil only

*ditch OTC “remedies” and try herbal remedies

*take adaptogens, like ashwagandha

*get barefoot , outside and in nature very often! UNPLUG

*read some self growth books

*get creative-draw, paint, craft, make music etc

*stop eating processed foods and fast foods

*eat 10% less than you usually do

*take a quality probiotic

*stretch often- don’t let your body get stiff and tight

*remind yourself to smile more

*get sweaty – sweat is good

*use organic , natural skin and bath products

* stay far away from artificial scents

* practice deep belly breathing 3x a day for 3 min each time

*meditate , even a little

*take quality vitamins and supplements

*give thanks daily for all we are, all we have, all the blessings big and small, in our lives

Which of these do you need to add?

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