Little things we can do for big wellness changes

We all want to live healthier and most of us are taking steps to do so. Every single little thing you do daily, can add up to big wellness changes.

Some of the most important small things we can strive to do more often are:

*Take a daily walk 

*Lift light weights 2-3x a week

*Go to sleep half an hour before you usually do

*Eat a big salad daily with very little dressing or olive oil only

*Ditch OTC “remedies” and try herbal remedies

*Take adaptogens, like ashwagandha in powder or gummy

*Get barefoot , outside and in nature very often!  Grounding is good for the body and the spirit.

*Read self growth books for motivation 

*Get creative- draw, paint, craft, make music. Great for the spirit! 

*Stop eating processed foods and fast foods

*Eat 10% less than you usually do

*Take a quality probiotic

*Stretch often- don’t let your body get stiff and tight. Try yoga or pilates, 2 of my favorite ways to work out.

*Remind yourself to smile more:-)

*Get sweaty – sweat is good, don’t fear it. It’s a little natural detox for the body!

*Use organic , natural skin and bath products like Neal’s Yard Remedies.

* Stay (far) away from artificial scents like plug ins and scented candles

*Wind down with a cup of herbal tea

* Practice deep belly breathing 3x a day for 3 min each time

*Meditate. Even if it’s 8 minutes a day!  Try the apps CALM or BREETHE

*Take quality vitamins and supplements 

*Be grateful and give thanks 

Which of these do you need to add?

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