Best skincare serums worth a spot in your skincare routine

Facial serums are more and more popular today. The reason? They deliver incredible benefits for almost all skin types!!

Serum are comprised of small molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active powerful ingredients. This makes them a great for targeting specific skincare concerns like:


increasing collagen production

enhances skin’s repair process

reducing inflammation

soothing irritation,

protecting cells from oxidative damage

improving skin elasticity

lightening discoloration

and adding and retaining moisture ( hyaluronic serums are great for this)

Because serums are super potent, more is not always better. Often all we need are a few drops , so waste not want not. And if you have sensitive skin, do a patch-test first. Though in what I have seen and heard, most people tolerate ( and LOVE) serums for all the benefits. They’re supercharged products.

You can use a serum alone but most often it is applied after washing and before a cream or lotion moisturizer for best benefits.

I’m a bit addicted to serums myself and never skip a day!

A product that can do all this is definitely something you want in your skincare routine.

But there’s SO MANY! How do you choose?

I’ve done the research and found a bunch that are clean and natural, made with powerful safe ingredients and offer tons of benefits!

In no particular order:

Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense LIFT serum

This serum is a personal favorite and one I recommend for women over 40. Targeting recontouring, loss of firmness, deeper lines and signs of aging, it glides on skin and is very hydrating. It also smells wonderful and relaxing with the frankincense. All Neal’s Yard Remedies products are natural and organic, cruelty free and free from any nasty or questionable ingredients. Sign up for emails on the site to save 20% on your first order too!

They also have a new line of boosters- a brightening vitamin C booster, a hydrating hyaluronic acid booster and a nourishing restorative rosehip oil that can be used before your Frankincense Serum. Neal’s Yard Remedies is a leader in the natural organic skincare and wellness industry since 1981.

DRMTLGY needless serum is a hugely popular serum earning rave reviews. It’s their #1 selling product made with ” proprietary Cerapep® Technology: a revolutionary blend of restorative peptides & ceramides.” This serum hydrates intensely, helps skin look fuller, helps pores look smaller and gives a radiant glow. DRMTLGY also has a great C, E and F serum which combats environmental stress, helps protect skin, targets free radicals and minimizes hyper pigmentation. Can you use both? Sure! Use one in the AM and one in PM or alternate days.

Farmhouse Fresh

Oh how I’m obsessed with this brand. Not only do they have super fresh farm to skin products, your purchase helps save farm animals. That’s a huge win win to me. Celebs love this brand too. I’m not even going to point out 1 particular serum they have because they have quite a few and all are well loved, get great reviews, have fantastic ingredients and benefits.

Check out the Wine Down Overnight recovery anti oxidant serum for looking well rested in the morning. InStyle Magazine selected Wine Down® as one of the best products for serious skin repair.

The Chocolate Fig Vitamin Recovery serum is ultra-hydrating and instantly renewing serum with organic California figs, cocoa and Texas wildflower honey. It is an antioxidant and nutrient cocktail that glides over skin and thoroughly absorbs. It’s is full of live fruit cells (for a dewy feel), plus additional vitamins C, E, and B5 for a radiance and glow!

There’s also Hyaluronic peptide firming serum, the Green Fixer calming elixir, an illuminating serum and a wrinkle gelee serum. All grown fresh daily, cruelty free, organic and made in the US.

Paula’s Choice niacinimide serum.

This packs a powerful punch for large pores, skin tone, clogged pores and signs of aging. This serum has vitamin C and licorice root for discolorations and niacinimide for firmer , refined skin. It’s good for all skin types. Cruelty free, made in the US, no parabens or fragrance makes it a keeper! Paula’s Choice is a well regarded line.

Mara Beauty Sea Vitamin C serum

Another serum earning rave reviews, this one is packed with  15 unique sources of vitamin C to improve the look of dark spots, texture, and sun damage. It’s a brightening serum that also plumps, firms and smoothes skin. Mara Sea Vitamins C serum is made with 14 vitamin C rich fruits , spices and marine botanicals and also adds reishi, chlorella and gingseng to help with puffiness or redness. It’s a must try serum if these are your skin issues.

Beauty By Earth Youthrestoration Bakuchiol face serum

This serum is a botanical retinol alternative. I’ve left retinol serums off this list because they are controversial. Beauty By Earth’s serum is great for young or mature skin. It evens skin tone, helps prevent breaks outs and adds antioxidants for major glow. This can improve skin tone, and texture while minimizing pores and diminishing fine lines. It’s a very affordable line that is “obsessively clean” as their motto, with no nasty ingredients. They also have a great beauty box that is affordable, customizable and flexible.

After just writing this, I think I’ll have to order them all TODAY. There’s a point where one becomes a skincare junkie and I may cross that line soon. I like to have at least 2 different serums here at home, to alternate, sometimes 3.

Having said that, even just 1 serum can be skin changing for you. Get 1 or 2 and try them to get your skin glowing, stave off the effects of the environment and add that needed moisture most of us need. Which will you get first? Hope this list helped narrow down so you can find some clean beauty serums to add to your skincare routine!

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