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I’m Deb from near the beach in Long Island, New York.

I’m a single mom of 3 kids who grew up on me too fast (teens now) and they are my inspiration and reason for being a natural wellness advocate and blogger work at home mom.

I  was a lifestyle blogger on Socialmoms for over 7 years and have written on Todaysmama, Mommypoppins and Travelingmom.com.

I spent 17 years in the beauty industry (at a hair salon) and then since around 2000, I have been in direct sales. I’ve been blogging over 12 years but a writer all my life( just because I like it)  I’ve spent the last 25+ years obsessively reading, learning, growing and taking online courses.  I’m certified in holistic nutrition, mindfulness and therapeutic art and I love learning about natural, botanical based herbal products.

This year, as always, I have a goal of helping YOU discover some new products that may make your life easier and/or healthier. And of course mind, body and spirit wellness tips and articles because it’s all about being in balance and doing the best we can by making better choices. It’s not about being all organic, or 100% anything, it’s simply being aware of our bodies and minds and trying to choose the natural things that keep us in harmony and happy.


On this blog I hope you find some inspiration to make good wellness lifestyle choices and choose safe effective beauty and wellness products. I love to support small family owned companies doing the right thing and you’ll see several of them shared here.

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Disclosure: No post is intended as medical advice of any kind. I am not a medical professional. Please see a doctor or medical professional before taking any supplement. As an affiliate with several companies , I do earn a small commission if you shop through my links and you do not pay any more to do so, nor are you obligated to purchase through my links.  Any product I post about is from a company I feel offers excellent line of products.

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