Your Year to NOURISH Mind, Body and Spirit

#NOURISH I JUST LOVE that word, do you? meaning: “to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition” Consider this YOUR year to NOURISH yourself, starting this very minute MIND BODY and SOUL WITH GOOD HOMEMADE FOOD WITH GOOD NATURAL ORGANIC PRODUCTS WITH HERBS THAT SUPPORT OUR BODIES NOURISH your MIND with great books NOURISH your body by pampering…take … Continue reading Your Year to NOURISH Mind, Body and Spirit

Dream Job/Organic Journey

I thought this was a great first post on my blog. This simple graphic sums up what I do and how I feel about a dream job. Is it fun and flexible? Yes. Do I absolutely love it? Yes. And does it earn me money, helping my family? Yes! PlusĀ helping others-Moms like you- to try some amazing, safe and effective products you can feel great … Continue reading Dream Job/Organic Journey