Top lists for natural beauty and wellness!

Here’s my top 10 product lists, from skincare to wellness products to things to do to feel and look better!  Many of these are my personal favorites, many best sellers for a reason…so ,in no particular order… Top skincare   Safe, effective mineral sunscreen from Beauty by Earth! Reef friendly, no soy, no gluten, no parabens, phthalates, and nano-particles. Just an SPF 20 protection without … Continue reading Top lists for natural beauty and wellness!

Well, Hello, Frank! (Frankincense that is)

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of Frankincense by now. Whether as an essential oil or in skincare. Frankincense was new to me when I learned about it 6 years ago. To tell the truth, I hated the smell. Literally I was like UGH. Guess what? Fast forward a year from then and I was not only LOVING the scent, I was massaging … Continue reading Well, Hello, Frank! (Frankincense that is)

Beauty Hacks from your Kitchen

Did you know that there are items in your kitchen that make great beauty hacks and that will give you a spa experience at home? You can save money by making your own foot, facial and body scrubs to give yourself glowing skin- and on a budget too! Here are the ingredients you’ll need: Baking soda Coffee grounds Coconut, almond, grapeseed, or olive oil Tea … Continue reading Beauty Hacks from your Kitchen

Bringing the Scents of the Garden in!

I’m telling you, there’s something about using skincare with natural flower scents and essential oils that is beyond good! It’s magic. Ok, not magic but it’s pretty damn therapeutic if you ask me. Take Garden Mint and Bergamot for example. I cannot use this lotion or wash or body butter without feeling like summer.  Even if my house is freezing and I’m in my Old … Continue reading Bringing the Scents of the Garden in!

3 Popular Essential Oils

If you are exploring living a more natural lifestyle and looking for home remedies and healthy, natural solutions, perhaps you’ve heard about using essential oils. There are dozens and dozens of essential oils and it can be overwhelming trying to learn all their uses. But I do think that there are several every house should have on hand. These are three you may want to look into getting … Continue reading 3 Popular Essential Oils

Top 10 Spring Beauty Renewal Necessities

I love top 10 lists!!  I really do. They are short and sweet and to the point. Here’s my top 10 SPRING BEAUTY RENEWAL NECESSITIES!1- Start eating lighter foods, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our body usually craves heavier foods in winter and lighter ones as the weather turns.Drink lemon water, or plain filtered water throughout the day. 2- Get rid of heavy serums and moisturizers … Continue reading Top 10 Spring Beauty Renewal Necessities