Green and Clean in Twenty Nineteen!

2019. Already flying by! Is this YOUR year? I know we say that each year. But it’s true. As the year starts and we grow older (and wiser for sure) we want to make it the BEST EVER! With so much focus nowadays on wellness, let’s make it OUR YEAR to go green and clean in as many ways as possible. It’s really all about … Continue reading Green and Clean in Twenty Nineteen!

Why everyone is taking CBD!

this post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a small commission if you make a purchase.     If you’re like me, you try to use remedies and beauty products that are natural and/or organic. You probably take supplements, drink smoothies and eat moderately. Practice yoga and walk daily. Yet for so many of us, inflammation, anxiety or … Continue reading Why everyone is taking CBD!

Why Clean Beauty Matters

  Clean Beauty.  It’s all the buzz nowadays. It’s like we went too far and are now finally stepping back toward a good place- toward nature…back to what our great GREAT Grandmothers used, but mixed with modern day knowledge and science. Back to plant based, simple  products. Back to home remedies and moisturizers that work without the nasties in them. What’s this trend toward clean … Continue reading Why Clean Beauty Matters

4 Fast Spring/Early Summer Beauty Fixes

I am a warm weather lover are you? The sun is stronger, the warmth is inviting us to get outside and emerge from under layers of winter clothing. Unfortunately your skin might still be feeling the effects of the cold harsh air. Here are a few beauty fixes (some you can even make at home) to get your skin glowing and ready to be seen: … Continue reading 4 Fast Spring/Early Summer Beauty Fixes

Organic Skin Care- Avoid the nasties!

Buying skincare and makeup is confusing enough isn’t it? There are hundreds of brands and some have amazing packaging (but can be filled with basically crap) Labels tend to make it even more confusing and overwhelming when we aren’t sure what we’re looking for. Sometimes we are tempted by the lure of labels reading “younger skin in 30 days” or “proven to work” and we … Continue reading Organic Skin Care- Avoid the nasties!

Dream Job/Organic Journey

I thought this was a great first post on my blog. This simple graphic sums up what I do and how I feel about a dream job. Is it fun and flexible? Yes. Do I absolutely love it? Yes. And does it earn me money, helping my family? Yes! Plus helping others-Moms like you- to try some amazing, safe and effective products you can feel great … Continue reading Dream Job/Organic Journey