Summer Hair Rescue!

As an ex- hairdresser, I know hair treatments work. As someone with colored hair , I know they are helpful.  And as someone who’s outside in the sun A LOT,  I think they are necessary to help with the dryness and damage we get from the sun and the salt water( and chlorine too!).

Applying this Rosemary and Cedarwood hair treatment once a week, when you have an hour or 2 can be really beneficial and will leave your hair softer, smoother and shinier.

Be sure to wash it out with a gentle shampoo. I love NYR’s Rose Shampoo and have friends that swear by the Seaweed shampoo! You may need to shampoo twice. I recommend putting the shampoo directly on your treated hair, near the roots, gently rubbing it in, then adding water and rinsing. Then shampoo again, making sure to remove all residue.

I know people with very thick curly frizzy hair, who actually add a teeny drop to dry hair to tame the frizz.

Others leave it on overnight ( sleep on a towel)  and wash it out in the morning.

Don’t let your hair get so damaged that the only “remedy” is to grow it out or cut it out.  Start doing treatments once a week and you’ll see a BIG difference.



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