Embracing the season with Hygge

Let’s practice some Hygge now that the cold is here and daylight hours are dwindling. You may have heard of Hygge last year, it was a big buzz word. To me, it is now a lifestyle. Hygge (pronounce it HOO GA) is basically the Danish way of contentment, coziness and happiness during the cold months. As someone who used to rebel against winter and complain all day, I now am choosing to look at the cool indoor season ( I live in the Northeast US), as a way of embrace the seasons. It may be a battle some days but the very things that make the season full of joy, wonder, warmth and coziness are often the very things we need to slow down and savor.

So how can we take this fall and winter to embrace the extra time home and keep ourselves content, busy, healthy and satisfied? Here’s 25 ways!

Bake- it’s fun, creative, delish and nothing beats that smell in your house

Get cozy with your pets. Just BE

Take baths

Add fairy lights to your decor

Light candles – ( some fantastic clean burning ones here )

Drink warm drinks like spiced cider, tea and hot cocoa.

Be with friends and family as much as possible- meet for lunch, meet for walks, or invite them over.

Slow down in all that you do, take a slower pace of life.

Unwind with some slower style yoga, like Hatha

Surround yourself with things you love- get rid of the rest

Eat warm nurturing foods at a table set with candles, wood and seasonal decor

Light the fireplace

Treat yourself to new cozy blankets and fuzzy socks

Read books more often (no phone)

Watch funny shows and movies with family and friends

Try to be positive about the changing seasons, rather than complain about the cold

Bundle up, bring the hot cocoa and take a winter walk

Take an online class to nurture your spirit and fire up your creative passions

Do some winter window gazing and day dreaming

Play card games and board games

Cook and eat great seasonal foods and try new recipes

Take up a craft like painting, knitting or crocheting

Bring nature inside- decorate with pine cones, leaves, plants and rocks

Book a weekend retreat with some friends or family

Keep the Christmas tree and Christmas lights up longer.

What else will you do to embrace the seasons?

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